Open Reduction

This surgery means the hip joint is opened up to clear out any tissue(s) that is keeping the head of the femur (the ball) from going back into the acetabulum (the socket). There are two general approaches to this procedure:

Medial Approach

Medial Approach incision for open reduction of hip dysplasia
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Medial Approach incision represented by black dotted line.

This approach is normally successful for children less than one year of age. This procedure starts through a small incision in the groin (medial to the hip). This is a limited surgical approach that allows the joint to be cleared so the hip can be aligned into the socket.

This method is typically used when a closed reduction is unsuccessful and the arthrogram shows something in the joint that’s keeping the hip out of the socket.

This method cannot correct any underlying problems in bone structure

A spica cast is normally needed for a few months to keep the hip aligned, while it is growing and becoming more stable.


Anterior Approach

Anterior Approach incision lines for open reduction of hip dysplasia
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Anterior Approach incision represented by black dotted line

The anterior approach to the hip joint is used when the ligaments around the hip need to be repaired and tightened after the hip is cleaned out and aligned. This is used after the age of 12 months when surgery is needed, or for more severe hip dislocations.

Reshaping the hip socket can also be done through this approach.

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