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Please help us raise awareness about hip dysplasia. You can help and we need your participation. Here are some ways to become more involved. Please contact us if you have other suggestions, concerns, or ideas.

One Hip World

One Hip World is a yearlong fundraising and awareness campaign for hip dysplasia. The idea behind this event is for you to choose a fundraising activity – a bake sale, book sale, 5K Run/Walk, an auction, etc… to be done in your area. Then after the event, donate to the proceeds to the IHDI. Wherever you are in the world, you can help raise money to help support the IHDI’s Mission against hip dysplasia!

Like the One Hip World cause on facebook and let us know what you’ll be doing on June 30th! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures before and during the event and post them on the One-Hip-World page. The logo is available for downloading to use on whatever you’d like to use to help promote the One Hip World.

Need help starting a One Hip World Event?

We’re here to help. Send us an email and we can get you the information you need and even help create a page for your event. Email us at


Help Raise Awareness:

  • Tell us your story so others can benefit. Photos and videos are especially helpful.
  • Help us distribute our hip dysplasia brochures to your physician and other parents. You can obtain printed versions of these brochures for free by contacting us.
  • Help us spread the word about Hip-Healthy Swaddling with the information and video that we have created by telling your child birth educator, telling your newborn nursery at your hospital, and by letting anyone from your local media know about the IHDI and Hip-Healthy Swaddling.
  • Notify us of any new developments or information you may know of that isn’t on this website.


Make a Donation:


Stay Connected:

  • Follow us on Facebook
  • Follow us on Twitter @ IHDIonline
  • Sign up for our RSS feed, and receive notices of new information straight to your email inbox.


Share with Others:

  • Organize an In Person Meetup for those in your area to provide support and further raise awareness of hip dysplasia in humans.
  • Share this website with a friend through email or parent group
  • Tell your doctor about this website.
  • Help spread the word to other parents by sharing a link through Facebook

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