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A message from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) was created because one mom saw a need and decided to make a difference (read her story here). There are many similarities between how IHDI got its start, and you reaching out wanting to get involved. We wouldn’t be here without your support and the world is a better place because of your advocacy.  Every time you mention hip dysplasia in conversation, every dollar you donate, every time you share our post on social media, you help to raise awareness and help support our mission. We thank you for all of your support and we look forwards to working with you in the future.

The examples listed below were created to help guide you through the advocacy process. If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

There are a number of ways you can help the IHDI and advocate for those affected by DDH.

Share your Story

The patient stories found on are some of the most valuable content on our website. Parents, patients, and friends find relief in reading that people have gone through similar circumstances and hardships. These stories show the emotional side of hip dysplasia and are often used to raise awareness. Please follow this link to submit your patient story: Patient Story Submission

Raise Awareness

One of the most common feeling felt by someone newly diagnosed (either as a patient or as the parent of a patient) is that of loneliness and isolation. Many had never heard of hip dysplasia before and/or knew very little about the condition. Here are a few examples of what advocates are doing to help raise awareness for IHDI and hip dysplasia:

One Hip World: Is a yearlong fundraising and awareness campaign for hip dysplasia. It is a community of hip dysplasia advocates from all over the world. Click here to read how it got started: One Hip World.

Blogs: We’ve had many parents and patients reach out over the years, transcribing their own personal journey in the form of a blog. This is a great way to share the day-to-day hardships and raise awareness for hip dysplasia. Here are a few examples of advocates who have helped raise awareness through their blog;

Host an Event

This is probably one of the more popular ways people like to get involved and who wouldn’t blame them, everyone likes a good party. Here are a few examples of events that have been held to support IHDI:

Sips for Hips: A wine/beer tasting event with a silent auction. The first Sips for Hips was in 2015, but has since gained in popularity and has sparked similar events in multiple states around the US.

Hip Hop 5k: A 5k that raises awareness and funds for hip dysplasia.

Endless Opportunities: The type of event you wish to host is truly dependent on the type of person you are. Here are a few idea: Auctions, Galas, Golf Tournament, Walks/Runs, Trivia Tournaments, Community/Yard Sale, Talent Show, Poker Night, Dinner, Dance, Carnival, Bake Sale….the list goes on and on.

Please contact the IHDI prior to creating an event. We can help by sending you hip dysplasia marketing material, the IHDI logo and we can even create you an online donation form specific for your event. Email us at


100% of your donation will be used to support the mission and strategic initiatives of the IHDI. We strive to be good stewards of your donation and pride ourselves on reducing the physical, social, and economic burden for children and adults affected by neonatal hip instability and developmental dislocation of the hip.

To view our what we have done with past donation please click here: Accomplishments

To donate online please click here: Donate.




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