IHDI receives large anonymous donation

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has received an anonymous donation of $10,000 to support our research efforts on hip development. We are encouraged greatly by this gift. The IHDI is honored that that this generous supporter has recognized the advances that are possible through IHDI research efforts.

This comes at a particularly helpful time when we have need for funding of a specific research project in cooperation with the University of Central Florida College of Engineering. Several years ago, our research team developed a computer simulation of infantile hip dislocation. This has allowed theoretical evaluation of the effects of the Pavlik harness and other aspects of DDH. The computer model has great potential to shorten the time needed to develop new ideas for preventing and managing DDH. This year we have the opportunity to improve the model and study how baby wearing might encourage hip development while babies are supported on their mother’s body. The recommended position for carrying young infants is the well-known “M” position where the baby’s thighs are supported and the knees are bent with the knees higher than the buttocks in a squatting position with the legs spread. Previous researchers have suggested that this is the optimum position for hip development because it allows the hips to remain in the center of the socket. The computer model will be utilized in various positions to evaluate several hip positions and calculate the influence of muscle actions that may be important. Some additional engineering is required to modify the computer model for baby wearing, but this work has potential to shed light on baby wearing for prevention of hip dysplasia.

We are grateful that that this generous supporter has recognized the advances that are possible through IHDI research efforts. Their support is encouraging, but there is much more that we could accomplish if more funds were available. Please consider IHDI when you are planning your charitable donations.

To learn about how IHDI was started by a generous philanthropic gift click here.

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