I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia as an infant (1983) when doctors were not so informed on the issue, I did not begin to have problems until I hit adolescence and that is when I had my first hip surgery. I experienced popping and clicking with pain and had some bone shaving of the hip socket and some cartilage replacement done, my right leg is a quarter of an inch longer than my left leg and I have to wear a heel lift in order for my body not to be leaning to the left too much which causes more pain.

I am now 32 years old and have osteoarthritis in my right hip and just had my third hip surgery September 25th to repair a laberal tear which could not be repaired because my laberal muscle is pretty much gone from my surgery 3 years ago, the doctor who did the surgery shaved some bone off of my hip ball joint to prevent anymore tearing of that muscle (which hopefully works).
I have tried physical therapy, injections in the hip which only lasted about a week and stayed away from sports and was told to stick to swimming. I have learned that being informed on hip dysplasia could have prevented most of my problems that I now experience.

Many doctors even now do not know much about hip dysplasia and there were many times where I was brushed off by doctors, which was very irritating and took me almost 2 years to find a doctor who finally did some x- rays and an MRI and found that I was not lying about my symptoms. I found out that my niece who is now 8 years old also has hip dysplasia and I am trying to gain as much information as possible for her and her mother so she can prevent problems. She was diagnosed as an infant and wore the special brace where her legs were to her sides like a frog.
I am terrified that I will have to have a hip replacement in the next 10 years and hopefully from doing research I can help my niece from experiencing pain and multiple surgeries as I have. I am hoping that this last surgery will provide some relief but I am not too sure. I have learned that hip dysplasia may cause mild scoliosis of the spine depending of the severity of the dysplasia.

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  1. clare b says:

    Your story is similar to mine except that I didn’t experience problems until my late 20’s and am only just getting doctors to take notice of me. I hope you don’t end up needing a hip replacement and hope your niece an easier ride.

  2. Analiese rocca says:

    My mum found out I had hip dysplasia when I was about 18 months old,,I had more than 7 hip surgerys by the age of 18. After I started to give birth to my 3 children my hip joint started to deteriorate rapidly and painfully, until I became house bound,,at the age of 33 I had my now last hip reconstruction and replacement done,,and I have to say it has given me a better quality of life,,,I no longer have hip or leg or back or even neck pain like I used to in the past…I surely would recommend anyone suffering from this, to have the hip replacement done asap,,at least in my case,,,I was born on the year 71,,,now we’re in 2016′,,,now a days medicine has come a long way,,,we can make a good use of that,,,,

  3. Frances says:

    I was born in 83, too, but my dysplasia was caught then. I had dozens of ops before I was 4 years old to correct severe joint faults and another when I was a late teen to correct my right leg post-puberty changes. 33 now and my right joint still drives me mad… Just waiting for the day I’m told I need to start the replacement process.

    Found this post while googling about for recent improvements. I still get the brush off from Drs, despite my history.

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