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Autumn is 20 months old. We have just found out she has Bilateral Congenital Hip Dysplasia. Her left hip is partially dislocated & her right is completely dislocated. The feeling is overwhelming. As an infant learning to crawl she sometimes favored her right leg. Late to start walking (16 months) she also favored the right leg & even limped.

As first time parents we were concerned but every doctor visit they seem to think she was just a little behind schedule but perfectly fine. It wasn’t until other people started showing concern we made an appointment strictly to check her limping walk that we had assumed her way of learning her balance. Within 5 minutes her doctor felt there was an issue & recommended x-rays. 2 days later she was diagnosed & scheduled for surgery. We’ve not yet begun our journey, surgery is schedule for June. I will update as we move forward.

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  1. barbra says:

    we also had the issue of pediatrician saying our 18 montht old was just delayed in walking. this is after several appointments where we showed concern about the abnormal skin flap on her right leg. the dr. said is was just an “extra fat pad”. We mentioned her leg being turned out and her inability to walk more than a few steps without falling. It took me saying that other people had noticed her leg dragging when she walked for her to get a ct scan which showed a total dislocation. she is now 19 months old and will have an open reduction and osteotomy on July 8 to repair the problem. I just wish drs. would listen when a parent says something isn’t right.

  2. Sarah says:

    My daughter was diagnosed at 3 years old with bilateral hip dysplasia. She had 2 surgeries in November and is now running around and riding her bike and acting like any other little girl. It was not easy but we made it. Good luck with yours!

  3. Hannah Wheeler says:

    Hi, i know this may come as a shock to you but i am !6 years old and i have Bilateral Hip Dyslpasia but its way different from your daughters, you see, i was born with no hip socket which wasnt discovered until i was 3 and its awful but i know your daughter will get through this as did i. The only down fall is that sometime in the future she might get terrible hip pain, with mine i would wake up crying because it hurt so bad but ive managed over the years and my tip to you is if her hips start to hurt a lot then warm up some blankets in the dryer and wrap her up in them it helps me sometimes but if it doesnt help that much then have her take a hot bath. I hope this helps you good luck!

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