My little Layla had developmental hip dysplasia and these stories helped me get through it so I decided to post my own too…

She was born on 8/11/14 and was checked a few hours after by a nurse…Who said she had ‘clicky hips’ I didn’t know a what that meant and I asked her if it was bad and she said “I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about” so I dismissed it…a doctor then came and confirmed it and said she has DHD and that she needed a scan…she was scanned later and we found out she had it really bad and that she needed a pavlik harness…a week later we returned to the hospital and had her fitted into it…it was awful…But we knew it had to be done and we knew it wouldn’t be forever…they told us it should only be for 2/3 months…My daughter was 2 weeks old at that time…so tiny and fragile…


We were advised to come back for another scan a month later…which we did…The results of that scan were very good she had improved alot…And they said that she wouldn’t need an operation…The doctor told us that she would only need one more month so we left…endured another month..And came back for another scan…it showed that her right hip was less than 1 degree away from 60 but that the other one was far behind…We had to keep it on for another month…this month was the hardest but we did it and came back…this time the scan showed that her right had completely healed but that her left hip was very close but not yet healed…we had had enough of it at this point but there was nothing we could do…the doctor said come back in 2 weeks…we came back and scanned her hoping it would be the last time…And we received the wonderful news that she was healed and can now remove the harness…what a relief it was to hold my little girl without that harness…


Now she is 5 months old and and we are waiting for her scan next month to check if it’s all good and that the problem hasn’t come back…

I hated the harness…im not gonna lie…but it was worth it…

A little advice for new mummies who have to go through this…buy your own harness! I regret not buying my own and using the ones they offered at the hospital…they were so bad! They would get dirty and I didn’t have a spare to use while I cleaned it and so I would just wipe it but it would stink and the Velcro would get hard and it irritated her skin…so buy your own there are some really cute ones that have cloth wrapped around them to not irritate the skin…

If you have any questions at all please contact me I’m happy to help with what I can :)

You’re doing good mummy/daddy!

Be strong…stay happy…it will be over soon :)

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  1. Peggy says:

    Where can you purchase theses harnesses? My grand daughter was issued one and she cries every time she is put into it, the velcro especially seems so uncomfortable. It breaks my heart and would love to purchase something more comfortable

  2. Payal Narola says:

    Hi there
    my daughter have same problem and we have done harness treatment for 12 weeks and now the hip is totally inside but i am facing the problem that after completing the treatment one leg is short than other one. i have done all x ray but all reports are normal now i have one question that what time it takes after treatment to flush the both leg and zero difference

  3. Marisol says:

    My daughter was recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia and will have to wear the harness for around 3 months.. So small and fragile!!!
    How did you get your baby to sleep at night? Only facing up? How did you breastfeed?

  4. Zahra says:

    Marisol I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this I know exactly how you feel! Stay strong momma for your little one and I promise you it’ll be over soon.
    My daughter never had issues sleeping…I would swaddle her arms so she doesn’t wake herself and she used a dummy…not sure how old your little one is but that worked for us…regarding breastfeeding I had a lot of issues…I would lay her flat and she would turn her head towards my breast but that looked very uncomfortable so I would sit her upright on my knee but that didn’t always work either and so I eventually ended up bottle feeding my expressed milk and occasionally feeding on my knee…that worked for us until her harness came off…

    You may feel very low and alone right now but I’m here if you want to talk about anything…just leave a comment and I’ll send you my email. :)

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