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In January 2011, my 4 year old (then 3) had hip surgery. She had it on her right hip. The surgery involved cutting a piece out of her hip, re-aligning it and then securing it with screws and a metal plate. As you can all probably understand, I was frantic with worry and it was quite a stressful time of life for me and my family.

The surgery went well though and she was put in a cast around her waist and down her right leg. This is a pic of her not long after her surgery.

A year later and she still has the plate and pins in however, she is now better than ever and she has recovered so well that I had to share it with you all to let those worried know that it can and does have a happy ending and to keep positive because there is light at the end of the tunnel!

She is a very keen little rider, loves her horses and does everything that everyone else does, metal plate or not.

So all of you that are new to hip dysplasia and are worried, fret not. YES it’s hard when surgery goes ahead and it’s terrifying to think about but kids are resilient. They bounce back, there IS light at the end of the tunnel and my daughter is living proof that surgery isn’t all that bad.



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  1. Sarah says:

    We’ve recently been told our 19 month old daughter has ddh. We are currently looking at an open reduction & salter osteotomy 6 weeks spica cast. I read your story & it made me cry. I’m so scared to do this to a 19 month old who also had a twin sister who is fine that I want to wait to do this treatment. Can you share with me on the timing of your daughters diagnosis? Was this a late diagnosis?

    Thanks for sharing your story,

    Sarah D

  2. Patty says:


    Thank you for sharing Tias story. I am so happy she is doing well and doing all the things little girls love to do.

    I have a 19 month old daughter who has been diagnosed with DDH. We are scheduled to have surgery with open reduction, spica cast for 12 weeks and possibly a brace. I am scared to death to have her put to sleep, but this blog is giving me hope and courage. She will be ok and that the Drs are going to perform the surgery with success.

    Did your daughter hate the cast? I’m afraid she is going to freak out after waking up and being confined. She will have both legs casted because she will have a closed reduction on the right. I pray that she heals quickly.

    Thank you again.


  3. MONICA SIMU says:

    Dear All,

    my dayghter is 3 years old and shee has left hip displasya because of some neurological problems.She needs a varous derotation of the femour and also a kind of osteotomy.How coule you manage the child with toilet (pee, bath etc) and how did they stay so long in the cast ? What happend after the cast is out? could they walk or they should not walk for a wile? thank you, Monica (monikasimu@yahoo.com)

  4. Asia says:

    Thanks for sharing your story… My 4yr old son was just diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia….he always had a waddle but I never thought any thing was wrong til comparing his movements to his 2yr old brother….the surgeon we spoke with is stating a 50% success rate so I’m terrified as to chiding choosing to go with surgery or let him be…even the surgeon isn’t sure what the best option is…this gave me some insight…thank you

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