2019 Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month

2019 Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month

The IHDI is honored to recognize “Miles4Hips” for their advocacy, friendship and support.

For the 2019 Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month, Miles4Hips created a truly global movement involving; 10 formal meet-ups, 400 participants spanning multiple continents, organizing the sale of over 390 Hope for Hips t-shirts and raising over $7,500 for hip dysplasia research and awareness campaigns.

We’d also like to personally recognize the following individuals for all of their advocacy during Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month; the Miles4Hips Executive Board (Nancy Muir, Shannon Carroll, Lainee Flanigan, Ashley Spalla, Halie Warren, and Taylor Kulpa), Hope for Hips t-shirt designer “Angela and her daughter Olivia”, Caitlin Forrest, Tanya Singh, Alexa Duckworth-Briggs, Beth LaBossiere, Anna Hamedani, Sami Taylor, Shaela Clay, Mary Blake, The Muir Family and all of our supporters/everyone who got out and helped to celebrate the 2019 “Day of Movement”.

Hip dysplasia can impact people of any age. With your help, we hope to decrease that impact and create a world free from the struggles caused by this condition.

Again, thank you to all who participated and helped to make this inaugural event a success.

All our best,