2nd Annual Hip Dysplasia Symposium

2nd Annual Hip Dysplasia Symposium

For three days hip dysplasia experts from all over the world assembled at NYU Langone Health for the second annual International Hip Dysplasia Symposium: Solving a Worldwide Problem. The focus of this course was to discuss hip dysplasia; prevention, diagnosis, treatment and to determine strategies to improve the outcome for patients affected by this condition. This was the second year of the event, but it was the first year to include members from the biomechanical engineering field. The collaboration between physicians and engineers created interesting conversations along with the possibility for future collaboration.

The three days course covered many different topics including but not limited to:

The three day course ended with a closed door “think-tank” session made up of orthopedic surgeons and engineers. Several new ideas were put forth during this session that were discussed for windhampharmacy.com research concepts and development. Collaborations were developed between engineers at different institutions and between engineers and physicians.

All-in-all this was a very productive meeting. Already, there is a desire to form a Hip Dysplasia Interest Group within the Orthopedic Research Society so that basic science researchers and engineers can have a forum to discuss their work more often in the future.

We are thankful for everyone who came to participate in this course, and we send a special thanks to donors and to NYU who helped to make innovative symposium possible.