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Founding – Partners

The IHDI would like to thank the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, the Git-R-Done Foundation and the Fundación Telefónica. Without their generous support, we would not be where we are today.

With locations and contributing faculty around the world, the International Hip Dysplasia Institute is based at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, FL USA. In partnership with Arnold Palmer Hospital and its parent organization Orlando Health (a not-for-profit hospital system), all philanthropic gifts will be processed through the Orlando Health Foundation.

The Git-R-Done Foundation will provide assistance to individuals, families and organizations that have experienced hardships beyond their control.

Research– Partners

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Apply to the Research Partner Program

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) is proud to present the Research Partnership Program to you. This program is designed to provide companies, who have previously received the IHDI Hip Healthy Acknowledgement, the opportunity to contribute to infant hip health research and receive recognition for their contribution on

Over the past 10 years, we have received tremendous support from the baby carrier industry. We have witnessed a shift in baby carrier designs resulting in improved positioning, which benefits infant hip health. This shift in the industry would not have happened without your support and recognition.

Baby Björn


Baby Carrier One
Baby Carrier Harmony
Baby Carrier Move/Free
Love to Dream

Swaddle Up
Swaddle UP Transition Suit
Swaddle Up Hip Harness Swaddle
Transition Bag (Formerly Called 50/50)
Nuna Baby Essentials


Baby Carrier S200

Pognae Baby Carrier – Mesh Type
No. 5 Carrier
No. 5 Plus Carrier
All New No. 5 Carrier
Orga Plus Carrier
Step One Sling
Max Carrier

Fundraising – Partners

“The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) is the global humanitarian leader in the fight against hip dysplasia. They envision a world free from the suffering of hip dysplasia by increasing awareness and prevention, developing new diagnosing technologies and improving the treatment process for those affected by hip dysplasia. The  IHDI recently outlined their strategic focus and projected a total project estimate of $3,000,000 to meet the needs of the hip dysplasia community.  One of the goals of Miles4Hips is to raise awareness of the IHDI and to be a primary donor and supporter through individual and group fundraising efforts.”

If you want to learn more about how to get active within the DDH Community please visit our affiliate site “Miles4Hips” as they host and facilitate our fundraising events where you can “Compete Philanthropically” by building a fundraising team, volunteer with other wonderful international community members , or represent by taking advantage of some “New Merch Options” for yourself or a loved one who is affected. See out community getting involved in this years “Pass the Crutch” video.

Upcoming Events

Day of Movement Oct, 22nd 2022