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Thank you for considering a partnership with the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI). The commitment and financial support from our partners and advocates is critical for the accomplishment of our strategic initiatives. IHDI partners with organizations that share our goal of reducing the physical, social, and economic burden for children and adults affected by developmental dysplasia of the hip.


IHDI has become a global humanitarian leader in the world of hip dysplasia, as well as an advocate for healthy hip development during the early childhood. Our website is visited over 2,500 times a day and accessed from all corners of the globe. We also sponsor educational programs, forums, social networks, newsletters, and public relations efforts that can recognize partners, products or services that are advancing the mission and objectives of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.


There are a number of ways your organization can meet your corporate responsibilities while supporting the IHDI.  These include:

Direct Philanthropic Support

A philanthropic gift is an easy way of supporting the mission of the IHDI. Philanthropic gifts are an excellent way of showing your support and promoting the goodwill of our organization. Philanthropic gifts are recognized on the Global Partners page of as well as and the respective social media platforms. Various levels of recognition are available for different levels of support

Cause-Related Marketing

Cause-Related Marketing campaigns by numerous corporations have proven beneficial for raising support and awareness for the chosen non-profit. Designating a percentage of sales or a portion of proceeds for a designated duration of time can help corporations demonstrate a commitment to social efforts while simultaneously improving sales. Globally recognized, IHDI is the world leader in hip dysplasia research and advocacy with a strong online presence and brand recognition. The beneficial relationship between your organization and the IHDI would be recognized on the IHDI website and through additional communications. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute welcomes any interest you may have in cause-related marketing.

Sponsorship of Specific IHDI Programs or Events

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has a multitude of specific programs, research efforts, and events that need support to achieve the desired objectives. These include educational efforts, global outreach for improved patient care, research into innovative diagnosis and treatment methods, promotion of new developments, patient support, and many other programs. New and exciting opportunities are always in need of support whether it is through ongoing support or through a local fund-raising event for a specific purpose.


We would love to discuss these or other opportunities with you. Please contact Andrew Younger at, or by phone at 321-843-2484 or through the IHDI website at

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