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The IHDI Society of Supporters (SOS) is a giving society made up of special advocates who believe in our mission and have made a charitable donation to help the IHDI serve as an agent for change in the world. Society members help make it possible for the IHDI to explore new innovations and re-explore old concepts that have been overlooked.

Individuals, couples, families or family foundations will receive recognition as members of the IHDI Society of Supporter on &, in addition to receiving annual updates on the impact of their giving.

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It is amazing how much public awareness of hip dysplasia has grown in the last 10 years. When the IHDI began, our initial focus was on education: sharing our scientific understanding of hip dysplasia; explaining how it is prevented – and, in some instances, caused; how it is diagnosed and measured; and the available treatment options.

Our driving motivation was, and is, to provide greater hope and healing for children, families and patients facing this all-too-common, yet often over-looked condition.

Our goals are lofty, however we truly believe these efforts are leading to the eradication of hip dysplasia on a global scale.

Champions and Philanthropists

We didn’t achieve all of this on our , Support from advocates spanning seven countries, including the involvement of famed comedian “Larry the Cable Guy” and his family, has helped the IHDI become the global leader in the mission to eradicate hip dysplasia. The philanthropic support from these advocates has allowed the IHDI to accomplish great things and act as a catalyst for ingenuity.

The IHDI Impact

For more than a decade, the IHDI has given hope and made information available to those touched by this crippling condition. Below are a few examples of how the IHDI has already made a difference, all of which was made possible by the generosity and kindness of philanthropic advocates from around the world.

Awareness and Knowledge: 2,500 Daily Website Visits

The IHDI website and were created by medical professionals and hip dysplasia experts from around the world. The websites comprise more than 400 pages of hip dysplasia specific information. These sites have acted as the saving grace for many people in search of answers. Everything a parent or patient needs to know about hip dysplasia can be found here. Prior to the launch of these websites, this information was difficult to find, scattered across multiple sources and extremely limited in scope.

Global Consortium of Hip Dysplasia Thought Leaders
IHDI is overseen and guided by a medical advisory board comprised of recognized hip dysplasia experts from around the world. These hip dysplasia experts gather annually to discuss the latest research, educational efforts and new advancements in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hip dysplasia. This consortium of hip dysplasia experts is unlike anything else in the world and allows for the most comprehensive collection of thought leaders, who are focused on bringing innovation to the field of hip dysplasia.

Hip Dysplasia and Hip Healthy Advocacy
The IHDI has disseminated more than 400,000 hip dysplasia brochures, which have been translated into eight languages.

Our pioneering guidelines for safe swaddling and hip healthy babywearing have created trends in the commercial, baby product industry that have grown dramatically over just the past few years.   The IHDI does not endorse or recommend swaddling or babywearing. Rather, we promote hip healthy practices that are becoming recognized among best practices on a global level.

Innovation and Improvement
Numerous new thoughts have come from the IHDI Medical Advisory Board   through the publication of more than 30 scientific papers. The IHDI is continually investigating evolving technologies that may prove beneficial to the hip dysplasia community. IHDI-initiated research continues to push the medical community for new and improved preventative measures, higher quality diagnosis methods and new treatment options.

IHDI-Sponsored Research
Research grants dispersed by the IHDI have resulted in an additional $4 million of funding. This research includes a hip dysplasia registry, a nutritional study, a computer simulation model and many other promising projects. Funding provided by IHDI has helped spur the wheels of progress that otherwise might not have occurred.

The IHDI is continuing to explore new and innovative ideas for the improvement of hip dysplasia prevention, diagnosis and treatment. In addition, the IHDI is continually focused on expanding awareness for the recognition of all ages of patients faced with hip dysplasia. We believe that parents and patients of all ages should never be confused when they hear the words hip dysplasia for the first time. We work to bring hip dysplasia out of the dark and into the light.

We would now like to recognize members of the Society of Support.

The Git-R-Done Foundation The Fundación Telefónica Orlando Health Foundation
Hope the Hip Hippo One Hip World The Casey Family
The Goodwin Family The Muir Family Miles 4 Hips
Wudbhav Sankar MD Karen Dawson Sips for Hips
The Zabinski Family

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