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Thank you for your interest in designing and promoting a product that supports healthy hip development. 

Only products designed for infants ages 0-6 months will be considered for Hip Healthy Acknowledgement. 

Prior to applying for Hip Healthy Acknowledgement, we recommend reading the following articles:

Baby Carrier:


“Due to the impact of COVID-19 and an increase in inquiries please expect delays in assessment. We appreciate your patience and understanding.”

Products will be considered for Hip Healthy Acknowledgement by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) according to the guidelines below. However, it is inherently impossible for these guidelines to apply to all products or services that may influence infant hip development. The purpose of this process is to encourage socially responsible companies to develop products that promote healthy infant hip development according to current knowledge of causes of hip dysplasia. In turn, this acknowledgement process may increase public awareness and public education regarding hip dysplasia.

Scope: Commercial products eligible for Hip Healthy Acknowledgement include those used during the first six (6) months of life for swaddling and/or carrying. Other products and devices that may affect hip positioning or hip motor development may be eligible but are not currently being reviewed (2017). The process of review only evaluates potential influence on healthy hip development and does not evaluate general product safety, quality, or other aspects of product design or use. The end users of the product have the responsibility to use the item correctly in the manner described by the manufacturer. Please note that the IHDI is not recommending specific products for use and is not certifying any products as safe for infants or for infant hips.

Qualifications: The healthiest position for infant hip development is for the hips to fall or spread (naturally) apart to the side, with the thighs supported and the hips and knees bent. This position has been called the M-Position, jockey position, straddle position, frog position, spread-squat position or human position. This position encourages optimum hip development during the first six (6) months of life.[1] The opposite position with the legs together and extended (straight) during swaddling is known to increase the risk of hip dysplasia.[2] Swaddling that allows free movement of the hips without forcing them together is encouraged to promote natural hip development. Thus, two categories of products may be acknowledged as Hip Healthy by IHDI. Products for carrying infants which encourage the optimum position for hip development will be acknowledged as Hip Healthy by IHDI. Also, swaddling products that avoid the most harmful position and allow free movement during sleep will be acknowledged as Hip Healthy by IHDI. Products that allow or encourage intermediate positions between the optimum and most harmful have not been identified as harmful or helpful for hip development. Thus, the IHDI does not have an opinion about products that support intermediate positions.

Application: Companies may request review of specific products by contacting IHDI. Initial review will be conducted by review of images and descriptions of the product(s). However, a sample of the product(s) may be needed for final review. There is a $200.00 USD nonrefundable payment required for review of up to three (3) products. Submitted products will only be inspected by IHDI physicians and will not be tested mechanically, or applied to children. Submitted products can be returned after evaluation if requested by the company. Returned products will be returned with original packaging and in excellent condition, or IHDI will refund the cost of the product. Return postage will be provided by the company.

Evaluation: Evaluation will be based on the previously noted qualifications and will be conducted by a committee appointed by the IHDI Medical Advisory Board. Opinions may be sought from members of the International Advisory Board or other authoritative individuals before making a final decision.

Decision: Decisions for Hip Healthy Acknowledgement will be communicated to the company. The company will have an opportunity for a second review, if so requested, and if additional information is provided by the company. Decisions for hip-healthy products will be reviewed by the IHDI Medical Advisory Board during meetings that are held at least twice each year. Acknowledgement as Hip Healthy by the IHDI means that a panel of medical experts has reached a consensus opinion that the product allows or encourages normal hip development when applied properly and used in the intended manner. There are many reasons why a product may not be acknowledged by IHDI as “hip- healthy”, including insufficient scientific basis for intermediate positions. Lack of acknowledgement should not be interpreted to mean that the product is inherently harmful for growing hips.

Surveillance: Products that have been deemed Hip Healthy by IHDI will be reviewed annually or more frequently to re-evaluate information about the product or about early childhood hip development.

Acknowledgement: Products acknowledged as Hip Healthy by the IHDI will be listed on Acknowledged products will be given permission to use the IHDI name and logo on the recognized products marketing, packaging and promotional material. Unlawful or inappropriate usage of the IHDI logo or name will result in the immediate termination of Hip Healthy Acknowledgement.

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