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Grant Support

  • Group discussions may help identify opportunities, or collaboration for grant applications.
  • Group discussions may improve quality of grant applications
  • Group discussions may identify mentors and supporters for grant submissions

The IHDI has very limited funds for grant support, but can occasionally provide small grants of $5,000 to encourage and validate initial efforts. The current areas of interest for IHDI are as follows:

  1. Technology for simple bedside screening to detect infant hip dislocations
  2. Improved understanding of prevention and treatments of hip dysplasia through surveys of healthcare providers/parents
  3. Improved understanding of early parenting practices such as babywearing, proper swaddling, or pre-natal nutrition.
  4. Advances in non-surgical out-patient treatment such as improved understanding of harness/brace use, or new methods for managing for infants older than six months without anesthesia
  5. Behavioral effects (or non-effects) of DDH treatments during infancy including bracing, casts, repeated general anesthesia, and other interventions.
  6. Improved outcomes of surgical treatments in all age groups

Those interested in minor seed-grant support from IHDI should send a simple one-page explanation of the intended research, it’s purpose, how it would be conducted, and an expected time frame, along with a sentence or two about the applicant’s qualifications.