My daughter wasn’t diagnosed until she was 3 years old! I was hoping to find someone like my daughter but everything I’ve read so far was diagnosed so early, so lucky. I’ve took my daughter to EVERY well check, she never missed one!! She was born via a normal vaginal delivery, at 40 weeks exactly on her due date. But nothing has ever been normal since!! I expressed concern at her 1 yr well check because she wasn’t even trying to crawl, let alone walk, I was told everything was okay. At her 15 month well check I expressed concern again that she was just barely crawling and not even trying to pull herself up, again I was told everything was okay and as long as she walked by the time she was 18 months everything was okay. Literally the week of her 18th month appointment she started walking so I was told everything was okay!! By her 2 year well check, she’d only been walking for 4 months, I expressed concern again that something just didn’t seem right, again I was told that everything was okay. Now at her 3 year well check, with a different pediatrician in the same group, I again expressed concern for her posture and the way she was walking because her back was very arched and she waddled like she was 9 months pregnant, again I was told that everything was okay. By this time I told my husband that I just didn’t feel like something was right and I wanted to take her to a specialist. So we took her to an orthopedic surgeon and even he missed it the first time we seen him. He finally caught it during her 6 month follow up with him. At 3 years they cut all her muscles around her hips and put her in 6 pound traction for 10 days to try and bring her legs down into socket, but it didn’t work. Then they did her first major surgery. They broke both of her legs and removed an inch on bone in her legs to get them down into socket. They then did an osteotomy on her right hip, body cast for 10 weeks and years of physical therapy. Fifteen months later they removed all of her hardware they used to piece her back together. In 2017 at 8 years old they did another osteotomy on her left hip. For at least the past 4 years she’s expressed pain in her right hip in which we’ve always been told that it’s “growing pains” and “her coverage is great.” Then she started having popping in her right hip. Another MRI, again told that her coverage is great and it’s just grown pains. So now I went to another orthopedic surgeon, 2 hours away, only to find that coverage isn’t great, her hip socket is to shallow, which is causing the popping and pain. So now next month we’re doing another osteotomy on her right hip in hopes that by creating another hip socket, deeper this time with more bone support, we’ll stop her hip popping and pain. My daughter is now only 11 years old and has lived with daily pain for as long as she can vocalize! I’m praying that this next surgery will stop her daily pain and that she’ll finally be able to enjoy life like a normal kid!!

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