Community Fundraising

Community Fundraising

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” Helen Keller

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Like many of our wonderful fundraisers and volunteers at Miles4Hips, PAO Buddies, and around the globe there is always a way to give back to something you feel deeply connected with. Whether it is by diagnosis, familiarity, or interest in the mission there are many ways to rally toward change and to create awareness while supporting research , education, and development.

The IHDI is limited in its ability to grant funds since the majority of IHDI funds are designated for global hip dysplasia research and education. These funds go toward collaborative efforts with our IHDI physician, research, and engineer partners to drive technological advancements in hip dysplasia diagnosis and treatment, as well as to fund affordable global distribution of education materials in low-income parts of the world.

The  IHDI is passionate about engaging and supporting hip dysplasia advocates and fundraisers. We want to remove as much red tape as possible to make your advocacy and fundraising efforts and events as easy and successful as possible. To do so, we have compiled a series of tips, tricks and tactics to make the best of any fundraising or advocacy effort or event. Additionally, on this site you will find our fundraising application, advocacy and education materials that can be distributed and information about Corporate Gift Matching. We are also happy to provide service letters that can be provided for event permits or to provide proof of service for colleges, employers, or resumes. Together we can make a difference!

Brochures for Download In Multiple Languages Here