How Has Hip Dysplasia Impacted Your Life?

How Has Hip Dysplasia Impacted Your Life?

It’s Personal 

Dr. Tina Gambling, School of Healthcare Sciences, Cardiff University, is no stranger to hip dysplasia. At the time of her own DDH diagnosis, Dr. Gambling was a university student with an active lifestyle…until constant aches and pains forced her to seek answers and help.

Shortly after Dr. Gambling’s diagnosis, she chose to undergo a (PAO) and femoral osteotomy. Unfortunately, her road to recovery was difficult – and altered the course of her life forever.

After her recovery, Dr. Gambling decided to change the direction of her career and registered for coursework to pursue a PhD in Psychology. Her focus: the socio-psychological and economic aspects of hip dysplasia.

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“Get aware of your body, emotions, habits, patterns in life. Get courageous by exploring, challenging, and even being playful with that awareness. Transformation occurs when awareness meets courage.”

Ground-Breaking Research to Improve Patient Experience and Outcomes

Today, Dr. Gambling, and fellow researcher and professor emeritus, Andrew Long, School of Healthcare, University of Leeds, have set out to formally measure the impact that hip dysplasia has on a patient’s quality of life.

Dr. Gambling and Mr. Long hope to collect 800 data samples from adolescent and adult DDH patients from around the world to understand more clearly how hip dysplasia affects the Quality of Life, Concerns and Impact Measure (QoLC&I) of hip dysplasia. To achieve this, the survey is designed as a patient-centered, outcome measure assessment.

The goal of their survey is to improve communication between clinicians and patients, which will lead to a better patient experience and the best possible outcomes.

If you, or someone you know, would like to participate in this research then please complete the survey. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and can be taken here: Hip Dysplasia Survey.