Hip Dysplasia Brochures

Hip Dysplasia Brochures

The brochures below were created to help spread awareness about hip dysplasia in humans. We would like to encourage you to help us continue to spread awareness by ordering these brochures from us, and distribute them to friends, family, peers, and physicians in your area.

hip dysplaysia
General introduction to hip dysplasia in humans.

Discusses the concept of hip-healthy swaddling to prevent hip dysplasia, and shows one method of swaddling to keep the hips safe.

preventing hip dysplasia
Introduces key ways to help prevent hip dysplasia from occurring in babies.

Discusses the topic of steps associated with deciding to have a PAO and what surgery entails.

Discusses appropriate baby wearing
techniques to prevent hip dysplasia.

Due to the increased cost of postage, brochure requests will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. All brochures listed below are available for download and printing from this page.