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The Büschelberger Thesis – Studies on the peculiarities of the hip joint in infancy and their role in pathogenesis, prophylaxis and the treatment of hip luxation.

Author: Johannes Büschelberger MD

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Authors: The following book was written by R. Graf, K. Lercher, S. Scott and T. Spieß. The book is for medical professionals to have a better understanding of infant hip sonograms.

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Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip

The book below has been written by J. Richard Bowen, M.D. and Anastacio Kotzias-Neto, M.D. for physicians who treat children with developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). This text covers many concepts of developmental dysplasia of the hip, which include a brief history of some important articles, normal and dysplastic hip development, screening and diagnosis, and treatment with the outcomes and complications.


  • Detailed text of treatment for children with DDH
  • Comprehensive analysis of operative and non- operative treatments
  • Comparative analysis of outcomes Detailed descriptions of surgical techniques  

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute would like to graciously thank Dr. Bowen, Dr. Kotzias-Neto, and Data Trace Publishing for kindly allowing this material to be presented here online, free of charge.

We’ve made the option to print the book yourself available, however due to the high cost of ink it may be less costly for you to purchase the textbook. If you would like to enjoy the book offline and/or support the work of the authors, you can purchase the textbook here. Other orthopaedic resources are also available.

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Useful Scientific Papers

The top 100 most cited research papers and free full text reviews can guide your research and education about hip dysplasia from birth to old age.

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