IHDI is competing for a $250,000.00 Grant!

IHDI is competing for a $250,000.00 Grant!

The IHDI has been accepted to compete for the largest ($250,000.00) grant in the Pepsi Refresh Project for the month of November! We need your help to be successful in winning this funding to continue research and programs to build awareness for Hip Dysplasia.

How can you help?

Well, we need votes to win, but in addition to asking you to vote every day, we want you to please consider spreading this news to groups you’re aware of that may be interested in helping our common goal of curing Hip Dysplasia.

Voting itself only takes a few seconds each day.  If you spend 15 seconds each day during the month of November to vote for us, you will have only spent a total of 8 minutes from your time. However, we need as many votes as we can get to ensure our success in funding for Hip Dysplasia research and awareness.

You can have a HUGE impact on our success by encouraging others to vote. 

The three ways to vote:

  1. Via Texting 104054 to Pepsi (73774)
  2. Via Facebook App
  3. Via a Pepsi.com account. 

And here’s the good news, you can vote from each account daily! Meaning you can submit a total of 3 votes a day or 90 votes for the month!

Finally since this website is here to help educate the world about Hip Dysplasia, we have created a campaign website to serve as our central hub and keep track of all the activity happening with this competition