Teaching Boxes: Donations in Action

Teaching Boxes: Donations in Action


The International Hip Dysplasia Institute is focused on improving the Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Hip Dysplasia. Pediatricians often fall inline with a number of our strategic initiatives since they tend to be the front line defense for the diagnosis of hip dysplasia.

To assist pediatricians around the world, and with support from loyal donors, the IHDI created the “Teaching Box“. We send these boxes to pediatricians, medical schools and other healthcare professionals who not only see a large number of patients, but also train many medical residences.

This Teaching Box is a two-part system to help train all levels of health providers:

Part 1: Diagnosis
  • Educational Module video from Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne
  • Diagnostic pre /post-test – DDH Knowledge Questionnaire
  • Answer sheet
  • Hippy Baby examination simulator
  • Right hip has instability for Barlow test.
  • Left hip is dislocated for Ortolani test simulation
  • Hippy baby instructional video – Dr. Price
Part 2: Early Treatment
  • Pavlik Harness video for proper application – Simon Kelley, Univ. Toronto
  • Pavlik harness
  • Infant size baby doll for practice and for observing skill with application of Pavlik harness
  • Scoring sheet for observing technical skill with Pavlik harness application (OSATS)
  • Final grade report sheet (GRS)

Each Teaching Box at cost for materials is around $2,000 USD to create and send out, but each Teaching Box may be used multiple times.

IHDI Now Provides The Opportunity for Physician’s to Earn CME’s free of charge here. 

DDH Diagnosis and Referral for Primary Care

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Over the years we’ve distributed many boxes all over the world. In 2015 we sent a box to a medical Professional in Cordoba, Argentina. 4 years later, she continues to use this Teaching Box for a bi-annual course created to educate healthcare professionals.

To Request a Teaching Box Please Fill out the Following Form and Email it to Natalie.Caro@orlandohealth.com 

“One More Day of Training in DDH. THANK YOU IHDI!”

Professor Nilton Orlando, MD.
Located in Manaus – Amazon, Brazil.