I was 36 years old when I was diagnosed with congenital hip dysplasia. I was in pain for many years previous but I didn’t go see a doctor because I thought I knew what they would say. When I was in grade school my hips always clicked when I walked. My pediatrician said there was absolutely nothing wrong though he didn’t actually check. He never even had me walk for him. Which I’ll tell you looking back I had a strange gait even then.
By the time I told another medical professional about the weird clicking it was a physicians assistant at my current primary care doctors office. I was 19 I believe. He told me I needed to lose weight. Which was true. But he also didn’t watch me walk or ask any follow up questions. This led me to not see a doctor again except going to an urgent care a couple of times for flu and strep throat. It was too embarrassing to ask questions only to be told to lose weight

So in 2016 I lost weight, this was supposed to fix my legs, which at this point were constantly sore. Nothing changed. In fact my legs were only worse. I had limited range of motion. I worked at a job where I stood all day and I would be exhausted from the pain at the end of the day. I began limping sometime in there too. Heavily limping. I finally made a doctor appointment. He said why are you here. You appear healthy. Great blood work, blood pressure I lost the weight. I said my legs hurt all the time, it must be my knees from how big I was. He did some stuff to check my range of motion and strength. He said it was maybe my hips and sent me for X-rays. A day later he emailed that I needed to see a specialist and I had no cartilage left in either hip and probably would need two replacements. I saw the orthopedic surgeon who said it was congenital hip dysplasia not caused from my weight and yes two hip replacements and soon. I asked for physical therapy and injections. He said yes to injections but that he didn’t think it would help. (They didn’t ). April 2019 I did the left leg and June 2019 i got the right leg done. No regrets. No limp anymore and no pain!

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