Book Review – by Betsy Miller

Betsy Miller
IHDI Advisory Committee
Author of The Parents’ Guide to Hip Dysplasia

Hi everyone, this time I’m reviewing two books that were written by authors in England.

The first book is Cast Life: A Parent’s Guide to DDH, which was written by Natalie Trice about her experiences when her son was diagnosed and treated for hip dysplasia. Natalie Trice is a member of the IHDI Advisory Committee and she founded the nonprofit organization DDH UK

Cast Life: A Parent’s Guide to DDH
by Natalie Trice

Cast Life combines a thoughtful explanation of hip dysplasia with the author’s personal experience. Author Natalie Trice provides an in-depth discussion about hip dysplasia in childhood. She shares her personal experiences as a parent of a young child whose treatment included surgery and a spica cast as well as the experiences of other parents. I’d recommend this book as a resource for families with a child who has hip dysplasia.

Cast Life is available through most online booksellers, and you can order a copy at many brick and mortar bookstores.

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

Contact Natalie Trice

The next book I’m reviewing is The Happy Hips Guide to Teen & Young Adult Hip Dysplasia by Hannah Purdy. This book was written by a teen with hip dysplasia as a resource for other teens.

The Happy Hips Guide to Teen & Young Adult Hip Dysplasia
by Hannah Purdy

This book explains hip dysplasia in short, simple sections that include a diagram of the hip and x-rays. Teens may find the author’s experience relatable and the book’s concise length approachable. The Happy Hips Guide to Teen & Young Adult Hip Dysplasia is available through online booksellers.

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

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