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The following is a list of recent International Hip Dysplasia Institute mentions from around the web. To read an entire article, please click on the headline. If you are looking for Scientific Literature Reviews, click here.

Your News Now

Your Health: Dangers of Swaddling Hip dysplasia is a condition that causes the hip joint not to develop correctly. Developmental dysplasia of the hip can happen at birth or can be developed as...

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"Dr. Charles Price, pediatric orthopedist at the Winnie and Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and director of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, notes that, “Swaddling an infant has...

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Giggle Gab

Learn How to Swaddle Safely to Reduce Hip Dysplasia All babies are checked at birth for hip dysplasia, which is the number one newborn condition. Physicians examine the baby to ensure that the top...

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Health Radio.Net

Safe Swaddling for Healthy Hip Development Swaddling has many benefits and has grown in popularity among parents in the USA. However, traditional swaddling as practiced in many cultures with the...

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AAP News

Improper swaddling a risk factor for developmental dysplasia of hip Swaddling has many benefits and has grown in popularity among U.S. parents. However, traditional swaddling as practiced in many...

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The Second 9 Months

To Swaddle or Not to Swaddle? Many parents find that swaddling helps their newborn sleep for longer stretches. For sleep deprived parents, this is a good thing. But is swaddling good for babies?...

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The Morton Report

My wife Cara and I formed the The Git-R-Done Foundation in 2009 and it currently focuses on the needs of children's charities. One donation, to The Arnold Palmer Hospital, came from an extremely...

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BBC News Health Check: Hip-Healthy Swaddling

BBC News recently covered the IHDI's message on hip-healthy swaddling: The practice of wrapping or swaddling babies is seen all over the world. But it needs to be done properly - and doctors are...

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Git-R-Done Donates $5-Million for Hip Dysplasia!

Larry the Cable Guy’s Git-R-Done Foundation Donates $5 Million to Arnold Palmer Hospital Generous Donation Will Help Treatment for Hip Dysplasia Worldwide     ...

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    Hello my name is Phil, I am a 32 year old male who lives in Oregon, US...


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    As a parent the last thing you want to hear after your child is born i...


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    Malia was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and placed in a Pavlic harness ...