Press Release: Research Partnership Program

International Hip Dysplasia Institute Launches Corporate Partnership Program

The new program engages businesses to help expand prevention efforts and treatment options for infants and people of all ages who are affected by the most common birth abnormality: hip dysplasia.

(Orlando, FL, December 10, 2019) –The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) is pleased to announce the launch of a corporate social responsibility program titled, the “Research Partnership Program”. This program provides organizations with an avenue to support infant hip health research, hip dysplasia preventative measures, new innovative diagnosing technology and treatment methods for pediatric to geriatric hip dysplasia.

Hip Dysplasia is the most common birth abnormality. It affects one in one hundred children; it is also the most common cause for a total hip replacement in women under the age of 40. The Research Partnership Program will encourage organizations to contribute to the medical and societal goals aimed at bringing innovation to the world of hip dysplasia.

The following companies have already become partners: BabyBjörn, Lascal, Love to Dream, Mamapod, Nuna Baby Essentials and Pognae.

About the IHDI:
The International Hip Dysplasia Institute is the global leader in the fight against hip dysplasia. The physicians who comprise the IHDI are leading experts from around the world and serve as the collective hub for hip dysplasia innovation. Their shared vision is a world free from suffering caused by hip dysplasia.

Over the past 10 years, the IHDI has published more than 30 scientific papers and created a trusted resource for patients, parents and physicians to find reliable and comprehensive hip dysplasia information. The IHDI’s educational statements have influenced several organizations and medical societies to adopt updated recommendations for the benefit of infant health.

For more information on the IHDI and/or the Research Partnership Program, please contact

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