The following is a list of recent International Hip Dysplasia Institute news articles that highlight our commitment to excellence. To read an entire article, please click on the news headline. If you are looking for Scientific Literature Reviews, click here.

BBC News Health Check: Hip-Healthy Swaddling

BBC News recently covered the IHDI's message on hip-healthy swaddling: The practice of wrapping or swaddling babies is seen all over the world. But it needs to be done properly - and doctors are...

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Rates of Total Hip Replacements due to Residual Hip Dysplasia

A recent report from Norway identified that 25% of all total hips in patients younger than 40 years of age were performed because of residual hip dysplasia. This was the most common reason for total...

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Amateur Race Car Driver Helps IHDI Spread Awareness

Amateur Race Car Driver Helps IHDI Spread Awareness [+] Enlarge Notice the logo on the side of this race car driven by John Cawley. John Cawley is helping promote awareness of hip dysplasia by...

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South Korean Soccer Player Retires due to DDH

Ex-National Team Footballer Cho Jae-Jin Retires SEOUL, March 18 (Yonhap) -- Cho Jae-jin, a former striker for South Korea's World Cup football team, announced his retirement Friday. Han Jae-won,...

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Baby Hip Health Week 2011

STEPS Charity - Baby Hip Health Week 2011 This March 13th – 19th 2011 the steps charity from the United Kingdom will be holding their fourth annual Baby Hip Health Week. This effort is to...

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Femoral Nerve Palsy and the Pavlik Harness

Femoral nerve palsy can develop during treatment with the Pavlik Harness. It occurs in about 2-3% of babies that use the harness. It does not mean that the harness was used incorrectly. Femoral nerve...

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IHDI and UCF Aim to Improve the Pavlik Harness

The IHDI Teams Up with UCF to Improve the Pavlik Harness Presently there is no standard way to predict the outcome of treatment with the Pavlik Harness, other than clinical and ultrasound...

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Effect of PAO on total hip replacements later in life.

Does previous pelvic osteotomy make it more difficult to perform a total hip later in life? That question was recently the subject of a study published in Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research....

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How to Swaddle your baby to help keep their hips healthy

Are you swaddling your baby properly? Many parents find that swaddling can provide comfort to fussy babies, reduce crying, and develop more settled sleep patterns. While parents and babies may enjoy...

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Adult Hip Disorders – Prevention and Alternative Treatments

Looking for alternative treatments for hip dysplasia as an adult? Take some time to check out our new section on "Prevention and Alternative Treatments."  When you're finished, let us...

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