The following is a list of recent International Hip Dysplasia Institute news articles that highlight our commitment to excellence. To read an entire article, please click on the news headline. If you are looking for Scientific Literature Reviews, click here.

W-Sitting and Hip Development

Contrary to popular belief, this W-sitting posture is normal for many children, and should be allowed even though children who can sit like this often walk with their feet turned in – called pigeon...

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So. You’ve just been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Now what?

A blog post by Nancy Muir The diagnosis of hip dysplasia can elicit a gamut of emotions. There may be feelings of shock or disbelief. There may be confusion, frustration, anger, or fear. There may...

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Book Review – Hope the Hip Hippo

By Betsy Miller IHDI Advisory Committee Author of The Parents’ Guide to Hip Dysplasia Hi, everyone. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to be a guest contributor to the International Hip...

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Shorter time in cast after surgery

The hip spica cast – body cast - is often a necessary part of hip dysplasia treatment. Doctors and parents know this can be a difficult challenge at any age. A survey reported in a nursing journal...

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Cast Liners and Synthetic Cast Materials

A body cast, or hip spica cast is used after closed reduction or surgery for hip dysplasia [] It...

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The International Advisory Committee

  The strategic initiatives of the IHDI account for some of the most ambitious goals ever undertaken by the IHDI. To be successful, it will require the leadership and participation of the...

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Diagnosing newborns in the UK

"Newborn Hip Checks Have Failed to Prevent Late Diagnosis" This was a recent headline on BBC News in England. A research paper published by an IHDI...

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Psycho-social impact of DDH: Research Paper

There is a limited amount of research available that explores the psycho-social impact hip dysplasia has on adult hip dysplasia patients. An article by Tina Gambling and Andrew Long investigate this...

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Hip Arthroscopy as Treatment for Hip Dysplasia: An Update

Surgical treatment of adult hip dysplasia by arthroscopic surgery alone remains controversial. The IHDI posted an Education Statement in 2012 with an update in 2014 stating that “…hip arthroscopy...

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The IHDI Impact

The IHDI will have a strong presence during next week’s annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. This meeting draws approximately 30,000 health professionals including 8,000...

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    May 21

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    Postponed Treatment Option for Older Infants

    May 07

    Surgery may be postponed for hip dysplasia because of limited surgica...

    Suggestions for Managing DDH in a Resource-Limited...

    Apr 03

    Authors: International Hip Dysplasia Institute Pandemic Work Group: P...

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