Patient Stories


I was always an active kid. I loved softball and always dreamed of pursuing it in high school and eventually college. But when I was about 12 years old I started having hip pain and clicking in both of my hips. After two years, and at the age of 14, I was diagnosed with torn labrums and impingement in both hips. I underwent my first arthroscopic procedure on my right hip in April of 2014. That surgery was a success for sure. Because of the success of the surgery on my right hip, we decided to go forward with the arthroscopic procedure on my left hip. Once the surgery started the surgeon determined I didn’t have a torn labrum and justhe cleaned out my joint and shaved off the extra bone (impingement.) So I was recovering well until one day I bent down to pick up a little dog and my hip dislocated. I was rushed to the E.R. where they popped it back in place. We were told that everything should heal and that it shouldn’t pop out again. After that first dislocation my hip never felt the same. It always felt as though it was going to pop out again and eventually it did. So I was once again rushed to the E.R. where they popped it back in. So I ended up getting another surgery but this time it was pretty major. I now have a 6 inch scar. Even though I had my surgery in October of last year, my left hip has still felt unstable or like it’s going to pop out. So we got a second opinion and I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia on the left side. The angle that they take is normally in the mid 20’s. My angle was 12 degrees. Does anyone know if that will require the PAO surgery? Is anyone willing to share their experience with the PAO surgery? Is it worth it? How have you felt since?