Patient Stories

Whitney’s Story

Whitney is a young teenage girl who was diagnosed on Valentines day with hip dysplasia. Whitney is a very active girl. She loves volleyball and has played school and club ball all year. She water skis, hikes, bikes, etc.

In the fall Whitney was at a volleyball game and dove for a ball. When she got back up she was in terrible pain. We were told through x-rays and MRI’s that she tore her labrum and had a cyst. We have been to 5 doctors since that time, two sports medicine doctors saying she also had hip dysplasia. We were referred to a surgeon who agreed Whitney had hip dysplasia in both hips, and needed to have a A Periacetabular osteotomy surgery .

Our journey has just begun. I am worried about signing my young daughter up for a surgery that may cause her more pain and additional surgeries. Right now if she is not playing sports she does well, and has only infrequent pain. I don’t know if doing it early will spare her future problems, or cause them. Please share your experiences!

Worried Mother!