Patient Stories

32 y/o Woman (DDH, Cysts & Labrum Tear)

i am 32.. 3 years ago i had my son which triggered my hip dysplashia, full term I had stabbing groin pain and could hardly walk,  i was always  fit active and healthy. After giving birth I was ok, the pain slowly started to return, during exercise I felt a pain in my groin in time it got worse, over a few months it got extreme ,  a year or so  after they put me through physio which didn’t help but the pain continued and started to have limitations from my waist down, I then had an x-ray where they found dysplasia, at this point i could still walk and do normal day to day things. 4 months later I had a MRI where they found a cyst. But that wasn’t it, results took so long i seen a private surgeon, he seen the dysplasia and cysts inside and outside the bone as well as a labral tear.his input to my GP have now  refered to have the cysts drained but only from seeing a private surgeon. All tho I am still waiting I feel more positive.  if i didnt see this private surgeon i would still be on the waiting list for the young persons hip specialist where i am still awaiting an appointment. i am now almost completley immobile, i can limp
a small distance, have 2 children, cant run , cant walk far , cant do any of the things i use to do with my kids , ive been signed off work for 8 weeks was suppose to start my nurse training next year. its ruining my life to be honest. Be so nice to hear other people s stories I’m 32 and have so many plans