Abby Wheatley

Hello my name is Abby.

On the 20th of July 2018 I was told the heart-breaking news I had Hips Dysplasia and needed another operation. This was one of many procedures i have had to undergo to try to rectify my hips. When i was told the diagnosis i was relieved as i finally knew what was causing me so much pain but also very devastated that this was my life now. There were days where i really struggled to even walk due to the amount of pain i was in. This made me feel very down and i was always in tears.

I was told to go away and have a think about this operation but I was informed this operation was a last resort for me as all the other alternatives had been exhausted. I was about to undergo a surgery that is very rare as only a handful of surgeons in Europe can perform this. The surgery is called the Peri-acetabular Osteotomy and this is only performed several times a year.

On the 14th January 2019 i was going into hospital to have the operation done to hopefully give me some relief from my hip pain. I was so scared that is was going to fail again but i had to put my trust in my surgeon. i cannot fault the hospital in anyway as they were amazing and so supportive as i have always experienced there. When i came to in recovery i was quite poorly and very tearful as i knew this was going to be a very long and challenging recovery.

Day by day step by step i am making good progress although its very slow. I am still having to use my crutches to help me walk and also using a wheelchair when i go out on a long day. I hate the fact i have to use this it as i hate people staring and judging. I have a long way to go still of this journey but i keep going because of the love and support from my family and friends. Also i have a blog that i am doing everyday which gives me something to work on whilst recovering and hopefully it will help others going through this. You can visit my blog here: click here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my brief story. i hope i can help many people.

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  1. Rhonda says:

    Bless your heart Abby and your great attitude! It will take you far. I got on your Instagram blog and checked out your gymnast photos–incredible. I can only imagine how hard it is to be working through the recovery from a PAO now. Day by day it will get better. Sending you healing energy and a hug.

    I also have bilateral hip dysplasia that I didn’t know about until I was 51. I had both my hips replaced within the next year and now, a year later, I am back to my old self. It is truly a miracle what they can do to repair us, but sometimes it takes awhile. Keep the faith.

  2. says:

    Aw thank you wo much for your kind words. I do try and stay positive. I’m enjoying doing the blog as it gives me something to work on and hopefully it will help others. I wanted to put on there about my gymnastics as it was my life before this so it gives people a good in sight to how much of an impact it has had. It is slowly getting better and the physio is getting harder but I think it’s getting stronger so its definitely going in the correct direction. Ah that’s so late to be diagnosed I thought being diagnosed at 23 was late. I wish I had my hips replaced but they wont do it yet. Ahh that’s so good to know as I have that too look forward to when I’m 40 I just hope and pray my hips hold out until then. It really is and the NHS have been amazing I cant thank them enough and even with my spine. Reading lovely messages that I have received on here and on my Instagram it keeps me going. Thank you so much for your message and i wish you all the best.

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