I am a 45 year old Male from England who was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia 13 years ago. My symptoms began with lots of lower backache which I simply put down to playing too much Football (Soccer) which I had been playing since I was old enough to walk. My GP (Doctor) sent me for an X-Ray and when I went to see him to get the results I was totally amazed and shocked with what he had to say. I was expecting just a basic diagnosis of nothing severe, to my shock when he mentioned the condition I had never heard of it and obviously asked lots of questions.

He immediately informed me that I would need a total hip replacement but not for many years or at least not until it got to the stage where I was in too much pain to continue. During the past 13 years I have had numerous days and weeks where I am in pain and discomfort I guess like lots of other people on this website. I have never received any injections I only take mild painkillers when the discomfort gets too great.

Over the past 4 years I am noticing that I am having more flare ups than ever before. I am currently on my 12th Day of real discomfort in the thigh/knee joint. I am finding that driving is a major problem with this condition it really does aggravate the pain. I go to see my Dr every 12 months at my local hospital where I am always sent for an x-ray to see if there has been any change from the previous visit. I am always being advised that I am possibly too young for a THP as in England we are led to believe that the replacement will only last around 12-15 years.

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  1. Elaine says:

    I’m from England too, and I was diagnosed with Congenital Hip Dysplasia when I was in my early 40s, so I was born with the condition in both hips. I am now 61. I had always had trouble with sports at school and was branded as ‘lazy’ and a ‘liar’ when I told the P.E. teachers that it hurt to play any sports.

    I had my right hip joint replaced in 2002 (in my mid 40s) so it has lasted (so far) for 15 years (I was told it would last around 15 years) but now the hip joint in my left leg is deteriorating rapidly and I’m walking with a severe limp again. Stairs or carrying anything heavy is a real problem, and I can only walk for a fairly short distance before it becomes too painful, particularly if I have to walk uphill.

    My fear now is that if the left joint goes completely I will be right back to square one as the replacement in the right joint is rapidly reaching the end of its expected lifespan.

    I take over the counter painkillers every day just to get through daily life and, like you, am finding driving a problem. I can only drive short distances now, and always take a couple of painkillers before even attempting to drive which helps a little. Before my right hip was fixed the pain was so bad that I was prescribed morphine and so couldn’t drive at all, as it’s illegal to drive with morphine in your system in the UK, so I’m dreading being in that position again.

  2. Sarah says:

    My name is Sarah I’m 29yrs from England. I have suffered with hip dysplasia since birth the doctor did not noticed there was something wrong with my hips until I was 18months old and still wasn’t walking I have major surgery on hips when I was a toddler and was in plaster from the hips down to my legs for 8 weeks. I lead a fairly normal childhood playing out taking part in games in school. I always remember that I couldn’t cross my legs like the other kids though and he fact my left leg is 2cm shorter than my right I’ve always had a limp. It has become a lot harder in my adult life it has prevented me from joining the armed forces which was a dream of mine and I struggle to walk long distances or when I do I’m in so much pain for days afterwards. I find swimming is a massive help as it takes the weight off and cycling is great. Just praying for the day when they will eventually replace this burden aka the hip. Great reading everyone’s stories glad to know I’m not alone :)

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