Hi, I am 44 and only been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. It make so much sense through my life. I was brought up by my grandmother and from an early age I was constantly aching tired and generally unwell.

My mum said I was a wingy baby when I was born. when I got to 12 years of age I had a real passion for dance and this is when y aches and pains escalted, I was taken the docs and I was put in Ibuprofen the big pink tablets daily, It kind of eased it but the more active I was the more I ached. When I was 15 I went to see a specialist and he said infront of my nan its in her head, xrays were done but it was in my head. He could not see anything. So off i was sent on my way.

I had a career in dance became a teacher and got into a dance company, al the time I was having terrible aches and pains, having operations for my bones in knees etc. fast forward years of medication physio, tens therapy EVERYTHING. then I was pregnant at 22 I was in so much pain I was admitted to the hospital at 34 weeks, I could not move. I had to have help to the toilet. at 38 weeks my daughter was born, That put me off having anymore kids.

I was still going to the doctors being referred and they found I had osteo-arthritis in my lower back but still no diagnosis of hip dysplasia. I was 24. I decided that I did not want anymore kids and fought for sterilization. A BLESSING. I was living in Sandbach cheshire uk at the time and was referred to have cryotherapy freezing of the facet joints in my lower back, i had this three times but still no diagnosis, For years I would go to the doctors and they diagnosed me with all sorts, One was Fybromyalgia, I was fuming and said NO your missing something, so I kept fighting I wanted answers I was doing my own research as I have a brain.

In 2014 I had a high tibial osteotomy in my left leg and it was due to the dis-alignment of my hips, but STILL NO DIAGNOSIS. until I went to my doctors about swelling fingers and the aches. she referred me to the reumatologist and after he examined me he said you need an MRI on your hips this was the first time EVER I had MRI, they found I had a labral tear discreetly in my hip socket, so he referred me to the orthopeadics, (in wales) he looked at my case and referred me to a Top specialist (in England) He urgently asked to see me the next day and sent me for a xray and then it came out that it was hip dysplasia. From here I am either going to have the tear repaired or hip replaced.

I am confident that now I can get on with life happy. What I have remembered the most is how people made me feel, I was a liar I was lazy and that my illness was not in my partners life plan. If this story has hit a cord with you, remember this you are the one that knows your body, if you have a child you know your child. You fight for what is right.

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  1. Rhonda says:

    Ema, I was touched by your story and how hard you had to fight to finally get a diagnosis. I struggled for a decade trying to figure out what was causing my pain. But, it was me who decided it was a soft tissue injury and never sought orthopedic help. When I finally went, I was immediately (luckily) diagnosed with hip dysplasia.

    I was 51 years old. Since then (now 52), I’ve had two hip replacements and am back to my old self. (I will post my story here in the next couple of hours so you can see it all.) I just want to say that this is a fixable condition and the hip replacements have been a miracle for me! They are doing them younger and younger these days as they last longer than they once did.

    I have a friend who had the labral tear repaired and it was a painful and long recovery. Now at 3 months out, they have discovered she has more cartilage loss than they originally saw (or it really went downhill after the labral repair) and they are going to replace her hip in the next couple of months.

    I think most of us with hip dysplasia ultimately have to have replacements. So if you can do it sooner vs. later, the recovery is easier than from a labral repair.

    Good luck with your decision and best wishes in your recovery!

  2. rhondalou14@gmail.com says:

    Ema, I’m so sorry to hear about your struggles in getting an accurate diagnosis. I’m glad you finally know what has been causing the problems. It is quite a miracle to finally have answers!

    I would encourage you to read the Latest News article on arthroscopy as a treatment for hip dysplasia. I have a friend who recently had arthroscopy for fixing a labral tear and it didn’t work. After 6 weeks of rehab, she is now facing a total hip replacement.

    I have bilateral hip dysplasia and have had both my hips replaced. That has fixed all my problems. I am so grateful to be pain-free and able to do all I love again! This condition is fixable. I am 52 and my implants are rated for 25 years, but they expect them to last a lot longer. I know someone who has had her implants 18 years and they were only rated for 10 (she also has bilateral hip dysplasia).

    Hope this helps and wishing you all the best with your decision.


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