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I am 23 years old and I was diagnosed with Clicky Hip (Hip displasia) when I was 3 weeks old I was put in a cast for 3 months to help the bone sort of repair its-self. Unfortunately 16 years down the line I started to feel in a lot of pain when walking and getting cramp in my left hip when standing. I went to my GP to see if there was anything they could give me for my pain and he prescribed me with an anti-inflammatory, I also had tests to see if it could be what my Dad has which is ankylosing spondylitis. The test results said I was clear for this but it was laying dormant and anything could trigger this. I took the anti-inflammatory these but they done nothing for the pain. After another couple of years once I had finished college I had moved and was in more and more pain everyday. I had to do something about this.

I had a search up online for my symptoms and stated I had Clicky hip when I was born and it came up with Hip dysplasia. Once I found out the name of it I researched this to see what it was. Once I had done this I knew this is what I had. I then booked myself in to see my new doctor and see what they could do for this. I had tests and x-rays to make sure this is what I had and the outcome was Hip dysplasia in my left hip. My GP referred me to have a six week coarse of physio to see if we could build the muscle up around the bones to stop some of the pain but this only made it worse. I then lost heart in getting it sorted as my GP said this is all they could do or it would be a hip replacement which they wouldn’t do now because of my age.

I researched more after 2 years as I was determined there was something I could do. I found online an operation called the PAO (Periacetabular Osteotomy) I have looked in to this operation inside out and was very interested in getting this done. I then went back to my doctor to see if there was any chance in me receiving this. They referred me to a consultant that specialised in this region and I had more x-rays and scans. Once they had a talk with me about the operation and what they can do they referred me to a surgeon in London who specialised in this operation.

I asked all the questions I had and got all the answers I needed. At the end of the consultation he asked me if I wanted to be put on the list for the PAO. I said yes as I have wanted this for a long time. I got a letter 3 weeks later confirming I was put on the list and I called the hospital to see how long the wait would be they told me it looked like October but they wanted to talk to the surgeon and a manager to see if they could get an earlier date. On the 25th April 2016 I got a call and they said my operation day is 26th May 2016. I had a Month to get ready. I was so overwhelmed and shocked as to how quick they have fit me in. I am now scared and excited at the same time as these 3 weeks are going to go very quickly.

I just wanted to know before I do this has anyone had this operation and has this made any difference? All the reviews I have read are amazing results and I just wanted to know if anyone had this a few years ago and what the effect is now. I want to know that once I have children I will be able to run around and do activities with them.

Thank you

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  1. michelle says:

    Hi just wondering how the operation went?

  2. Frankie says:

    Hello michelle

    It went really well thank you. I was in and out of hospital within 5 days and i was moving my leg as soon as i was out of surgery. I have been doing really well too i wasnt having any pain at all and stopped all my meds after 2 weeks. I am 14 weeks post op today and for the past couple of weeks i have had a bit of trouble with pain but i guess it is all part of the recovery stage :) and i have a ting scar which has nearly gone as i have been using bio oil which is definately working i would recommend x

    Thank you xx

  3. Emily says:

    Thank you so much for your story. I’ve had hip dysplasia since I was born. Sadly I cannot find a surgeon near me that is familiar with the PAO surgery. I’m at a standstill as to what I can do as it is very frustrating when I do a small walk or any physical activity I am always left with so much pain on my left hip. It is nice reading other people’s stories to know I am not the only one, as my doctor makes me feel that way. :(

  4. Frankie says:

    Hello Emily

    Im sorry to hear that. I know what its like i went to see a consultant and he said there is nothing i can do other than have physio which might help so i started searching myself and found the PAO and when i went back they referred me to a better hospital. I am in the UK and i see Mr Witt at the UCLH he is one of the best surgeons in the country maybe send him an email he may have contacts who may be able to help you. I am so happy now i feel as though i could walk the marathon (not yet running lol) and not be in pain. Please if you do speak to Mr Witt please let me know i would love to know what he says. I am also writing a leaflet for people who are going to have this surgery and what they should expect so would be nice to see if Mr Witt could help you i could put this in my leaflet :)
    Thank you

  5. Jack says:

    Hi Frankie,

    i wish you knew how good it makes me feel to read your story.I was diagnosed with mild hip displasia when i was 21 years old after experiencing what everybody thought was a torn labrum i got after a football injury *american. 1 year later, I went on to have 1 arthroscopy on my right hip which worked really well and 1 year later I got another one on the left which worked great at first. But eventually things got worse and worse and worse to the point that I was recommended a second athro on the same leg. But nothing again nothing changed. In fact, it actually got worse. I was finally diagnosed with hip displasia a month ago and now I am researching about what to do. I am glad i found your post because it doesnt seem to be a very common condition for men ( i am 23 also). This said, my surgeon said that I might have too much damage and PAo wont do anything so i was just curious to know if you were told the same thing since you had it for a while… if you have a chance,it be great to hear more about your story.

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