My name is Ivelisse, I am 44 years old and I am from Puerto Rico, but I live in Florida USA for 14 years. I was diagnosed with Hip dysplasia in my left leg from 4 years of age.

From there I started with 5 surgeries on my hip, which did not make any improvement. After going to several evaluations with surgeons, at 17 years of age they shortened the right femur to level the legs and avoid further scoliosis. After the operation they left only 2 cm of difference in legs. But, as my dysplasia is that my femur acetabulum is out of the socket, or floating and rubbing the hip every time I walk or move, because the difference of 2 cm is seen more.

This has caused me a lot of pain, a lot of bulling, a lot of depression etc.
But at the same time I think I still have the joy of having my 2 legs and still be able to walk, climb up and down stairs, run, bend etc. Sometimes with pain but I can say that I am blessed in comparison with other people.

Today I am a mother of 3, by cesarean. I keep working hard to get on with my life and enjoy my family.

My most recent evaluation was in 2017, in which the DR thought to see me in wheelchairs, crutches, or cane, according to my x-rays. But when he got in the room, he was amazed at my movements and that I did not use any of those. He just recommended to keep moving because that’s what has helped me and strengthened my back and my hip bones.
While I do not need it, I will not have any surgery on my hip, unless the pain prevents me from my normal life.

I’m glad to know that I can communicate with people who have or are going through similar situations. And to be able to read their stories. It has been a pleasure to tell you mine.

Thank you for your attention.

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  1. Phillip B says:


    Thanks for sharing your story, and sorry to hear of all your pain through the years! It is amazing how much the body can endure. I hope that medical advances and technology can help ease the pain. Have you considered hip replacement at some point? I have read many success stories on here.

    I just posted recently as well. I am 33, living in Oregon, and recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia. I am having a PAO this December. A lot of optimism, but also a lot of anxiety as I am 105 days away. Trying to build myself up as much as I can before then.

    All the best to you on your journey. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Ivelisse Rodriguez says:

    Hello Phil, I’m glad to hear you’re getting the PAO in December. I wish you all the blessings and speedy recovery. Answering your question about hip replacement I went to an evaluation many years ago and they told me that instead the surgery help me it might caused more problem because my hip wasn’t be able to move due to some nerve and arteries accommodated in the socket.
    So I know every year my hip is deteriorating cause I feel the pain every time more. But I wish the find something that help me when the times I needed comes.
    Again all the blessings for you on your upcoming surgery. Keep me posted
    Thanks for sharing and comment on my story.

  3. Tracy says:

    Wow Ivelisse thank you for sharing your story it sounds so close to mine in so many ways that I will explore the options to get my hip fixed now that finally this is the diagnosis.

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