I have suffered back and hip pain for most of my life (over 50 years) and despite many trips to my GP (I live in the UK) and many ‘blind alleys’ during attempts at an investigation I did not get a diagnosis until very recently.  I have had one total knee replacement which has become hyper-mobile and so now needs further surgery, and the second knee was due to be replaced last year but fear drove me to cancel the op as I seriously believe that should that also become hyper-mobile I will be unable to walk.

Where the hips are concerned, during my most recent visit to the Consultant I was informed that because I had had a knee replacement (albeit an unsuccessful one)  a bone osteotomy – a possible treatment for the hip dysplasia –  was now out of the question. The Consultant felt that he was unable to make a plan for treatment until he had spoken to his team in order to get an opinion from a number of Specialists in the field.

I wondered if there are any other people out there who have had a similar issue, and also what people’s experience of osteotomy is?

I have found the site incredibly helpful and useful and it really does help to hear other’s stories. Many thanks.

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  1. Sonya says:

    Hi June,

    I’m now 45 yrs in bit similar position as you and know how you feel. I have been diagnosed with low bone density issues and have issues with my back and bilateral hip dysplasia and Perthes disease of both hips. Nine yrs ago I had my spinal fusion surgery to fuse the L3-L5 S1 levels corrected in my back due to Spondilithesis Grade 1. My right hip replacement I had was one year ago the left side will be next month. I’m very pleased with the results so far and have to keep up the recovery exercises almost everyday incl lots of swimming and walking helps. I didn’t have the osteotomy as my osteoarithis is so advanced no choice but surgery. Good luck to you and hope things get better for both of us.

  2. June Liggins says:

    Hi Sonya

    Thank you so much for your reply. I have taken a turn for the worse as have had a fall (in a stupidly slippy shower in India!!) and my left knee was so badly twisted I could not walk on it and still can’t. I am back onto two crutches and have a leg brace, God it’s hard. I hope your hip replacement goes well and thanks again.

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