hi , I’m 23 years old from Dublin , only started to have severe right hip pain in the past year ,
visited my doctor she sent me for a x-ray and then I was sent for an mri , after this I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Apparently its quite bad as in the wear and tear around my shallow hip joint is very badly worn (hence the pain) , every single day I have pain when I sleep and when I walk and when I go to the toilet and when I stand its never ending but you just deal with the pain I suppose , sometimes I think I’m going mad trying to explain to my boyfriend or family how much pain I’m in , I don’t want to take pain killers everyday (some days I have to) and I don’t want to have this pain for the rest of my life its draining.
I was so happy when I finally got an answer to this dark cloud that’s standing over me , the surgeon said that he puts his house on it that ill need the full hip replacement in the next 5 years! (because I wont be able to take the pain anymore)

that’s scary!
– thoughts that run through your head
– is the pain going to get worse ?
– will this affect me having a child ?
– am I going to end up addicted to pain killers in the meantime ?(will they even work anymore)
– am I going to push everyone around me away due to the stress and pain?
-am I going to get so unfit my recovery will be even harder?
– is there anyway I can avoid surgery ?

a lot more thoughts that I just cant remember right now ,
can anyone relate to this ?

current situation is I haven’t had to the operation , few months after diagnoses now and pain is still there and I feel getting a small bit worse.
from the way I walk to aid my hip I always have a lot of pressure and tension on my back and lower back which makes it so hard to sleep at night , always need a thick pillow to sleep with between my legs to aid the pain.


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  1. Lucy Jackson says:

    Hi Kelly,

    You are so young to be facing a Hip Replacement, I feel so sorry for you.
    I am 43 and have bilateral dysplasia, I became symptomatic aged 39 and had a left hip replacement 18 months ago, I’ll need the right one done when I’ve had enough of the pain.
    All your questions have run through my head over the last four years apart from having children (which I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t have a problem with) because I had mine before all this happened.
    Listen to your body and rest when you need to, I have found various physio’s I have seen have actually not understood the condition, I liken it to a bicycle wheel whose bolts have become loose, the wheel is wobbly and is damaging other area’s and needs repairing, it will also worsen in time but the good news is that surgery will fix it.
    The road to recovery is a long one but you are young and that will stand you in good stead.
    I’ve been told Hip Replacements can last up to 30 years nowadays but they mostly tell you ten years.
    I have taken paracetamol every day for 4 years ibuprofen and codeine when its so painful that I can’t sit down, its important to remember if you are taking meds and you aren’t in pain that that is addictive, but you are dealing with a very painful condition and you shouldn’t be suffering, have a chat with your GP about it, hopefully they’ll be able to guide and reassure you.
    Hip dysplasia is a ‘hidden’ disability and people don’t get it because you look normal, but your hip bones are misaligned and no amount of exercise is going to make it go away, but do try to do what you can, swimming is a good one for us hippies.
    I wish you the best of luck in the future, things WILL get better, before my op I could no longer walk down the street without being in agony, and now I am back at work, I can easily walk a few miles and although I’m still in some pain as I’m half fixed I’m much more positive about the future, it will get better for you.

    Take Care

  2. Luz says:
    Hello , I’m 23 also and I was diagnosed with bilateral hip Dysplasia Is little bit more than 2 years ago, after my first child was born. Currently I’m trying to loose the wait required to have surgery, I gained a lot of weight after my 2nd pregnancy and waddle stay behind. Besides I don’t have health insurance to see how far advance my case has gotte in this past time. The pain has got to a point that I don’t sleep comfortably, or walk normal , I love wearing high heels but at this point I cant wear them because of the pain and waddling. The same questions has gone through my head and quite a lot. Hopefully will get fix soon . Nothing planned yet tho , we’ll see until pain goes. Good Luck

  3. Mariam says:

    Dear Kelly,

    I’m 23 years old now and I became symptomatic two years ago. At the beginning, I had legs ache and then I have decided to go to the doctor. They have told me, that swimming is the best thing, that I can do for my legs.
    I want to do some exercises too, but I don’t know which one is better for my health?

    If you have additional information, please write to me.
    I’l write down my email Adresse hier too and be open with me please and write me everything what I should know about this Dysplasia.

    We’ll be Ok, I’m sure!


  4. Rhiannon Matthews says:

    Hi Kelly,

    It’s devastating news being diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia. I was diagnosed at 22 after having a bunch of different surgery and undiagnosed pain for about 7 years.

    The feeling of not being able to do what you feel you want to or even ‘should’ be able to at a young age is horrible. I chose to go down the route of having hip preservation surgery. I had a POA on my right hip in Sep 2017, and then again on my left in Oct 2018. It’s a massive surgery, and I’m still recovering now. Only just able to take impact properly on my hips and there are many things that need work… but I can say. The pain from pre surgery is gone.

    I know that not everyone is able to have these surgery because there may be too much damage. But what I can say is if you need to have it replaced, don’t wait! You will be able to live your life so much more fully… even if it improves it 60-80%. If you’re suffering do what you need to! And don’t feel shame about pain killers, again if you need to take them then do. I would just say plan it out properly so you stay on top of it and don’t have to take more than you need.

    Anyway, hope it helps at least a little. You’re brave.

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