Patient Stories


I would like to introduce myself and tell you my story being a fighter of hip dysplasia. My name is Morganne Glover Comstock and I am 23 years old. I first noticed my hip dysplasia when I was 9 years old in 3rd grade not being able to sit crisscross applesauce with my classmates. I told my mother and that year at 9 years old I had my first hip surgery. They corrected the ball and socket by putting 3 screws to hold it in place. I then was in a body cast the entire summer. After my cast was off I continued living life as a kid and playing the sport I love the most, basketball.

I was a 4 year MVP at my high school and a state champion. I then was recruited to play basketball at the Division 1 level. My freshman year was very successful but my hip was starting to feel worn out. In 2010 when I was 18 I had a PAO on my hip. They reconstructed my hip and put 5 screws in it. Although my doctor told me to quit playing basketball, I still fought and continued to play. I had to relearn how to walk all over again, jog again and then run again. I have had some of the best trainers working with me on my gait.

The love I had for basketball pushed me and motivated me every day to get better. 2015 I graduated college with a bachelors degree in communications and I also became the first All-American of my school my senior year of basketball. I have taught myself how to play the game of basketball even with one hip. Although it was very painful, the support I had from my family friends and teammates were amazing.

I now have decided to hang up my basketball shoes and get the help I need. I recently been seeing a local doctor and have gotten an SI injection and a Hip injection to calm down the pain. I take Meloxicam to help calm the inflammation as well. But one of the most helpful solutions I found to help me feel more confident and healthier is Aquatic Therapy. This location is a warm relaxing pool where they teach and help you fix my walking gait non impact. Being in the water is the best feeling. I feel much stronger after walking out of the water. And I am able to stand on my own happily. I strongly recommend this place to any one struggling with hip dysplasia. I will be there working and striving to help all the patients struggling with walking feel better and confident. One hip world, thank you for reading my story. I hope this helps.