I would like to introduce myself and tell you my story being a fighter of hip dysplasia. My name is Morganne Glover Comstock and I am 23 years old. I first noticed my hip dysplasia when I was 9 years old in 3rd grade not being able to sit crisscross applesauce with my classmates. I told my mother and that year at 9 years old I had my first hip surgery. They corrected the ball and socket by putting 3 screws to hold it in place. I then was in a body cast the entire summer. After my cast was off I continued living life as a kid and playing the sport I love the most, basketball.

I was a 4 year MVP at my high school and a state champion. I then was recruited to play basketball at the Division 1 level. My freshman year was very successful but my hip was starting to feel worn out. In 2010 when I was 18 I had a PAO on my hip. They reconstructed my hip and put 5 screws in it. Although my doctor told me to quit playing basketball, I still fought and continued to play. I had to relearn how to walk all over again, jog again and then run again. I have had some of the best trainers working with me on my gait.



The love I had for basketball pushed me and motivated me every day to get better. 2015 I graduated college with a bachelors degree in communications and I also became the first All-American of my school my senior year of basketball. I have taught myself how to play the game of basketball even with one hip. Although it was very painful, the support I had from my family friends and teammates were amazing.

I now have decided to hang up my basketball shoes and get the help I need. I recently been seeing a local doctor and have gotten an SI injection and a Hip injection to calm down the pain. I take Meloxicam to help calm the inflammation as well. But one of the most helpful solutions I found to help me feel more confident and healthier is Aquatic Therapy. This location is a warm relaxing pool where they teach and help you fix my walking gait non impact. Being in the water is the best feeling. I feel much stronger after walking out of the water. And I am able to stand on my own happily. I strongly recommend this place to any one struggling with hip dysplasia. I will be there working and striving to help all the patients struggling with walking feel better and confident. One hip world, thank you for reading my story. I hope this helps.


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  1. Mary says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! For some reason I have always thought that my hips would dislocate even with the slightest movements and your story helped me see other wise! I will continue to push through this

  2. jessica moonsamy says:

    Hello i am a 35yr old female and i am booked for a thr and i am scard i had a hip operation when i was 12yrs with 2 pins and a plate 2 my right hip.while playing netball 4 my school. i removed my pins on 27jan 2015 nw im booked for total hip replaced ment and i am so scard so help me 2 decide what 2 do thank u.

  3. Morganne says:

    Hi Jessica,
    Personally I think a total hip replacement would be awesome! You should feel much more comfortable and be able to do things you haven’t been able to do in the before. Eventually I am going to have to get one too and I can’t wait until that day arrives. But I have to keep this hip as long as I posssibly can. And to keep it as long as I can I have to stay positive and stay confident every single day. If you are in a lot of pain and your doctor suggests you get a hip replacement I would do it! No need to be scared. Everyone with hip dysplasia may eventually need a total hip replacement some day. You can do it!


  4. Laina Leech says:

    thanks for sharing your story I was born 1962 with bilateral congenial dislocation of both hips long story short they put me n a pillow still have at 6 weeks was n that till appx 6 months which held my legs n a frog like position then came the cast again the frog position they changed the cast every 6 weeks and yes memories of a circular saw coming down on top of me to cut the top out to change is a forever memory they did this until i was 4 1/2 yrs old then into a brace for 6 mon then set free i had to crawl a lot wanted me to go into it easy could not play any physical ed classes growing up and man that’s all i wanted to do tomboy in me,so now i am 53 i have a good 1-2 inch difference in left leg then right i have done health care 20 yrs plus,put 2 week notice in jan 2015 got disability n july thank goodness now i need a super doctor that can help fix me up would love to meet and talk with more ppl that have gone thru this thanks for letting me vent i feel so alone…. Dr Holmes in Muncie In was my doctor during all this a hero to me or i wld have been in a wheel chair all my life and thank god for my fathers GM insurance also i was blessed.

  5. Karen King says:

    Wow, Thank your for sharing your story. I was also born in 1962 and had similar experience a Laina, however they found my acetabulum was fibrous and my surgeon at the time build a shelf for my femur to sit on. I was not held back either and played catcher for softball thoughout high school. Then in 1984, I had a Chiari Osteotomy done. I would also love to meet and talk to people with this disorder.

  6. Linda Bleck says:

    Morganne you have a great attitude! I am now 51. I was dx very late at 47. I had so many misdx all throughout my life. Growing pains, overactive, weak core, mental,etc. I too was an athlete of some accomplishment. Running became harder as I got older so I took up cycling. When I walked in the docs office he could not believe how long I had gone. My hip was displocated and shredded. I have been unraveling the compensatory muscle issues since the first hip replacement in 2012 . A spinal decompression was performed in 2013. This year I had my other hip replaced. I am six months post op. Even though I know I continue to have spinal stenosis issues and conitnued gate retraining, my new hips are giving me added strength to make myself stronger. Pool therapy has been my saving grace. I continue to go back to the pool.
    Jessica don’t be scared. I know it’s a little overwhelming, but I played two rounds of golf this past weekend. I shot a 86. My lowest score since I had all the surgery. I hope to get back to being a better athlete not just because I have new parts, but because I mental stamina and have learned so much about biomechanics and the importance of stability and supporting your bones. Yes I still have some pain issues, but now after four years of reconstruction I have hope to be whole again.
    Lastly this forum has been invaluable. I have made friends all over the world. I was so lonely thinking no one understood. I have a few people I was introduced to here and reached out to them. It has been a blessing and more valuable than I can even express. Thank you IDHI for connecting me with others!

  7. Kim K says:

    Hi Morganne.
    My daughter was diagnosed at 8.5 years old with hip dysplasia. She had surgery 9 weeks ago (periacetabular osteotomy and femoral osteotomy.) She spent 7 weeks in a spica and is now in 3rd week of brace with no weight bearing. We go back on Dec 29 to see how she is progressing. They have not told us what to expect. I was wondering when you were able to start PT? How long did it take to start walking? Any advice? Thanks so much for sharing your story!

  8. Annie says:

    How long is the recovery period for hip replacement.. iPad surgery a year ago on left hip to remove piece of fractured bone, but over a year later, I am in constant pain, limping horribly, and feeling the strain in many other parts of my body. I was out of work for 2 months, but I’ m afraid I went back too soon. I am ready to tell my doctor that it is time for a complete replacement. How long of a period is needed to fully heal?

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