Patient Stories

Overcoming the odds

My name is Taryn and I was born in the 80’s in Port Elizabeth, South.

This is my story….

At the age or stage of walking close to 1years old, my Granny noticed my shoes I walked with had a odd squeak, the squeak silenced every odd step. She raised the concern with my mom who then discovered that in fact I am walking with a slight limp.

At this stage, she could only take me to a hospital who then referred me to an orthopedic surgeon. Upon investigation, he then at the age of 1, decided to operate, operation after operation he didnt went around in cycles and at 7years old wanted to perform a total hip replacement on me. My parents then opted for a 2nd opinion and changed doctors. 

A brilliant doctor in Pretoria, SA decided to take my case and started the reconstruction process. At that stage I had about 7 ops on the hip, not much left and the previous dr chopped away and disfigured my hip, poor Dr Pretorius had to work with what he had. At the age of 17 he discharged me, after completing a reconstruction of my hip and in total 16 ops, I was discharged. He tried to give me the best he could with what I had. At 18, I had my last surgery to remove the pins and plates and was told by 30 I may need a total hip replacement.

I’m 40 years old now, still using my reconstructed hip and I’ve just completed my 2nd triathlon, I have 3.5cm discrepancy in leg length and most days I have pain. All my shoes have to be built up and I’m restricted to rotation in my hip.

I am grateful to be here and tell my story, nothing is impossible, my goal is to compete in the world ironman one day.

Hope this story helps someone persevere through the difficult times.

The sun does shine on the other side.

Thank you