Patient Stories


I am 40 years old and I was diagnosed today with right hip dysplagia. I had a Labral tear in my R hip that was diagnosed by my orthopedic and he sent me to a specialist… they took X-rays and BOOM, new diagnosis. I’ve had problems with my hip for years, but have had 2 ACL surgeries on my R knee and thought the pain was related to the knee. I am apparently too old for an Osteotomy and too young for a hip replacement. But my question is wouldnt it be better to get a replacement now and have 30 good years and then have it redone at age 70, than to live in pain for 10+ years waiting it out??? Not sure just would like to hear what others who have gone through the same thing have to say. I have always been very active, athletic and the pain is dragging me down. I have 2 young boys and it breaks my heart that I can’t do things with them, heck I can barely get up our stairs. Any advice would be appreciated. I am going to start PT (again) and get another cortisone injection, but not sure if I can keep going like this much longer. Thanks for reading, any advice or thoughts are appreciated.