Patient Stories


Hello fellow Hip Dysplasia Family!  I am very happy that we have the Dysplasia Institute that has made it possible for people to share their experiences and exchange information on this condition. I used to Google this condition for many years but I just to used to get information on Dog Dysplasia.

I was born with congenital hip dysplasia on the left leg in Africa. Back then, they wanted to experiment on my leg and my father refused. I am happy that he did coz I would be in a wheel chair today.  I am in my earlier fifties and the hip has been good to me with no symptoms. I wear an orthopedic shoe since the left is shorter by 1.5”. I was able to carry two babies to full term. I saw a specialist 10 years ago and he recommended a THR coz of my deformity.  Recently, I have started to experience sharp pains from the hip. I have been taking pain killers but I can’t continue on ibuprophen. I am looking around for adult Specialties who are skilled in deformities. I live in DC area and I am willing to travel within the U.S for care. I am hoping my leg can give me another few months as the surgeries will render me immobile and I am just recovering from some other unrelated surgeries.  Life can be very challenging at times.

I have the following questions:

  1. What is the average time of recovery for THR. Can one work from the bed while recovering? I have flexible job that can be done remotely.
  2. Is the pain manageable with pain killers?
  3. Does the pain linger even even after one year?
  4. Is physical therapy painful in the beginning?
  5. Is someone on meds for entire time on bedrest
  6. Did people install stairwells after surgery? I am now in fear of working on these new sockets
  7. Can someone share their experience of Mayo clinic in private. I understand this is a public forum and people may be unwilling to share their experiences.
  8. After hip replacement, did the pain go away completely?
  9. Has anyone been using CBD cream for inflammation and pain relief? I hear great testimonies.