Patient Stories


Hi, I’m Tom (25)
I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia last February and have been struggling to come to terms with it ever since. My left hip is deformed and my right hip is very shallow resulting in early wear and tear, it feels like there is very little cartilage left. I try hard to live a normal life as im an outgoing person, I have cut down a LOT on running and playin football. I Stretch most mornings, also swim and cycle 2/3 times a week but it’s not the same. I also go to the gym a couple of times a week and still find it hard to keep my leg muscles and joints strong and healthy. I had to stop working in construction, it was causing to much pain. I have been offered work but had to turn it down as it would put too much stress on my hips, its hard to find a suitable job because of this. Doctors say they want to preserve it until it gets to a certain stage, I’ve been questioning their beliefs, would it not make sense to operate and let me get on with life ?, In my opinion 25 years old is too young to be living a limited lifestyle.

Does anybody have any thoughts or advice?, Please…It Would Be Much Appreciated…..Thanks !!!