Patient Stories


Annabelle Leigh was born August 9, 2017. Annabelle is our third child, she has two older brothers which keep her, and us, occupied. The pregnancy with Annabelle, as well as her birth, were normal and uncomplicated.

Our first notice of any concern was during her six month, routine well-visit with our Primary Care Physician. During the exam it was found that Annabelle would not put weight on her legs when we attempted to have her practice standing on her own power. The doctor recommended x-rays due to learning of a family history of hip dysplasia. Emily, Annabelle’s mother, had been born with hip dysplasia and treated with a brace immediately after birth, which helped prevent the need for surgery, although Emily continues to have residual hip problems to this day.

The hip x-rays for Annabelle confirmed her diagnoses of bilateral hip dysplasia. We decided to seek treatment at a hospital about 2 hours from our home. We made that decision because of recommendations from doctors in our area. Upon meeting with the pediatric orthopedist, we learned that because of Annabelle’s late diagnoses, surgery was our only option for treatment.

Surgery was scheduled but the surgical procedure was unknown prior to beginning the surgery. The treating orthopedist, was unable to proceed with a Closed Reduction option for surgery and decided to proceed with an Open Reduction procedure on the right hip. Following this procedure Annabelle was placed in a cast for two weeks until we returned for an Open Reduction procedure on the left hip.

Annabelle’s total time in a cast was approximately 9 weeks. This time was very trying to ourselves and our family who needed to learn the proper care that was required for Annabelle, as well as the cast.

After there was no longer a need for a cast, Annabelle was instructed to wear an Ilfeld Abduction Brace for full time the following two weeks. Currently, Annabelle wears the brace during naps and bedtime. Annabelle is now walking and continues to gain strength but will still require additional treatment and monitoring at the hospital.

Instead of being mad or upset , we have decided to put a positive spin on Annabelle’s diagnosis to educate and spread awareness to other families about hip dysplasia.  We were not aware how important the role of family history is with early detection of hip dysplasia and want to help other families not make the same mistake.

So with that we have decided to host a “Sips for Hips” event to raise awareness of hip dysplasia. Our event is called Sips for Hips Philly and will be held at Workhorse Brewing Company in King of Prussia, PA on July 27th from 12-3pm.

Visit: to learn more.