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Hi IHDI. We, Hakeem & Kennon Smith, are the parents of our wonderful daughter Alannah Smith. When I (Kennon Smith) was about 4 or 5 months pregnant we went to the doctor to find out the gender. The doctor said that she was buddha breech (sitting on her ankles). Our daughter was finally diagnosed with left hip dysplasia when she was 4 months old at her well baby check up. Her doctor referred to Shriners Children’s Hospital in Shreveport, Louisiana. The doctor she was seeing at Shriners said that she has ALL the symptoms for hip dysplasia and the doctor issued her a brace for her to wear 12hrs/day. Since she’s been wearing her brace its gotten a little better now her doctor said, but now that she’s, 8 months old, crawling and pulling up on stuff I’ve noticed that when she crawls she’ll stop and start rubbing the inner and back part of her thigh with her left leg up in the air, and when she pulls up she stands directly on her toes. Our main concern  and question, is hip dysplasia treatable with a brace or with surgery?  VERYCONCERNEDPARENTS

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  1. Jessie says:

    It can be treated with both a surgery (then cast) and a brace. My sons hip dysplasia was caught too late for the brace, he had to go for surgery (open reduction) and is now in what is called a hip spica cast. They have said he will be in it for 6 weeks then we go back to get him put in surgery again and take the cast off and MRI him to see if I stays in if it doesn’t they put another cast on and we go another 6 weeks this could go on for up to a year. After a year we have been told they will cut him open again and cut the bone and do it that way which will mean further 3 months in a cast.

  2. Payal Narola says:

    Hi there my daughter have same problem and we have done harness treatment for 12 weeks and now the hip is totally inside but i am facing the problem that after completing the treatment one leg is short than other one. i have done all x ray but all reports are normal now i have one question that what time it takes after treatment to flush the both leg and zero difference ?

  3. Tejiri says:

    Hi, my daughter was place on hip spica at 4months,was on the spica for 24hrs and 6weeks. After 6weeks the spica was remove ultrasound scan was carry out apha right was 63 while the left was 56 BT the beta was jus two degree difference. The left acetabular still shallow BT cartilage has forn but the right leg is still longer jus wan to know how long will it take for the left leg to meet d right.

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