My daughter was diagnosed with DDH right after she turned 1. She was born full term 9 pounds and my pregnancy/delivery was a breeze. At her 3 month check up we found out her head was above average in size , after being seen by a specialist we were faced with hydrocephalus (fluid over brain) which cause Macrocephaly (misshapen head) ……and that brought us to a development delay !! She was placed in physical therapy and occupational therapy for several months and slowly met all her goals.

Her greatest challenge was walking she started to walk finally when she turned 13 months only to find we had a limp. After being sent to a orthopedic we found our problem and was told the options, we all want what’s best for our children so I chose to have it corrected while she’s still young for a better quality of life in the future. Only 1 month after she started walking she was set asleep for an 6 hour open reduction and placed in a hip spica for 3 months.

At first I cried almost everyday it broke my heart to see her so miserable but after about a month she and I got use to it being there (I was shocked) so in case your wondering it’s not that bad it just takes getting use to the only advice I can give is lots of TLC and clothing wise shirts a few sizes too big and leggings about the same …..but anyways after being took out of the cast 3 months later she walked within 4 days her doctor and I were blown away.

A month after the cast was gone we had an appointment for an X-ray only to find that hip was trying to dislocate again so after another long discussion her doctor has decided a second surgery will do the trick ,without question we take his advice because we trust the doctor and he is the best and everything you want in a doctor and I’d never let anyone else see her for this . We go back in a few days to get our next surgery date so please keep us in prayer. There’s nothing God can’t do !!

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  1. Ly_8886 says:

    Hello, May i know how is your girl now?

  2. Mary says:

    My baby is now walking around as if the whole thing never even happened. She went in about 2 months ago for a surgery to remove hardware from the bone and it still makes me smile to watch her run and play like any 3 year old can do. Our doctor at the Georgia regents university was a god send to my little girl and I would recommend anyone that is going through this if possible to put your children under his care.

    Ps. It’s very hard to watch your baby go through this but it can be corrected and I know from experience that it will get better have faith and put it in the lords hands. Ly_8886 thank you for asking it means a lot to know people care and for anything else you have my email , whatever your situation I pray you get your miricale as well.

  3. Ria says:

    Hi how are you? Going through similar situation and wonderinghows your daughter now? Ta

  4. Savannah says:

    Hi! I’m so glad your baby is doing great! My daughter just had surgery (open reduction) and I wondered how you figured was the best way to diaper without hurting the incision? I haven’t found much info on that but my daughter is just in an immense amount of pain during changes with the small diaper being shoved in the cast. I’d love some advice!

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