Sophie’s Story

My daughter Sophie was born full-term and very healthy, weighing in at a whopping 9 lbs, 2 oz. She was a normal birth and not breech. The day that we were being discharged from the hospital, the pediatrician told us she heard a click. We had no idea what it meant but after she explained it, we were immediately scared to death. We went to our new baby appointment and her new pediatrician heard this click as well and referred us to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. We were told to wait a month for an ultrasound.

When we had the test, we were immediately shuffled into an appointment. We saw the Dr. for what seemed like less than 5 minutes and were told that both of Sophie’s hips were dislocated and we would have to put in her a Pavlik Harness for 24 hours and a full two weeks. After our two weeks, we went back to the Dr. and discovered that our harness had “failed” to relocate the hips, so we were moved into an Ilfield Brace. After two weeks, we discovered that Sophie’s hips were in the sockets, but were now finding out that the sockets were way too shallow…so our directive – keep her in the brace.

We remained in the brace for 8 weeks with no change. After a long discussion with our Dr. we made the decision to put Sophie in a Spica Cast. We cried in the Dr. office and talked to a number of people about it…we were scared, sad, mad, all of the emotions that you have when something happens to your child. We had so many reservations, read too many blogs and stressed over this cast being on throughout the summer…one of the hottest we’ve had. But, after going through the initial surgery for casting discovered that Sophie didn’t care at all. Nothing changed her, nothing fazed her…she was Sophie and did her thing. In the course of the cast’s 3 month application, Sophie learned to crawl, met all of her milestones and was still dressed in the cutest little girl clothes (there was just no fun summer swimming and not a lot of time outside for the time she was in the cast).

When all was said and done, Sophie’s hips came out in close to perfect condition. While we are having to wear a brace at night, the Dr. is very happy with the depth of her hip sockets and she is looking great. We are so grateful to our Dr.s and now have absolutely no regrets over the choice to cast her. She is now 18 months and running around like crazy!

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  1. Melinda says:

    My daughter’s story is very similar. Only she was put in the spica cast at 8 weeks – but also at the start of a very long, hot summer. She spent the rest of the next 2 years in a couple variations of the pavlik harness & braces. She learned how to walk in one! We called her our little Sumo baby. She is now 12, and her hips are perfectly fine. I am grateful for our ortho surgeon and that we were able to treat her as a baby so she doesn’t remember a thing. I do believe it helped shape her temperament, too…she was always so good in the cast & braces.

  2. June Bishop says:

    I am now 41. I too was born with no hip sockets at all, but mine weren’t diagnosed until I was almost 2. Been a long road. I was in a cast for nearly 6-9 months as far as my parents remember. Back then it was a heavy plaster cast with a bar between my legs. It did no good. Several operations later, nothing changed. But I did everything any child did, even tho oddly. I rode bikes, climbs trees and gravel banks, played with all the kids in Grade school. In 2003,2004 & 2009 I went to Cleveland OH to have surgeries. (I live in Maine). They were successful, but I have a lot of screws, wires and long prothesis’ in both legs. Still have some pain but I can walk again.
    I know your little one can fight this, especially since she was diagnosed so soon. Hoping for the best for her!! Keep strong!!

  3. angela brown says:

    My daughter had the same as your daughter…she was 9 months when the doctor heard the click she also was in the casts one high above the waist and one below the waist..she got it change every 6 weeks she also had a operation to put a small plate after one year she got the plate out and everything was fine..she got a check up every year to check that everything was ok…when she was nine years olds she stated to complain about a sore knee and pains up and down ..i took her to a doctor and she said it was growing pains thinking thats what it was until she was really complaining about the pain that i took her up to the hospital and was told she had perthes again she was in the casts for 9 months and another operation… when she was 15 years old she had another operation to put a plate in which was in for a shes is nineteen and in so much pain that she is waiting for a hip replacement..Thank you for telling us all about your daughter it brings a lot of memories back.. we both wish you all the very best in the future..Angela and Jordan (daughter)x

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