Patient Stories


Our baby girl, Aubrey was diagnosed with Left Hip Dysplasia at 5 months old. She was not breech. The pediatrician felt a “click” while rotating her hips during an exam which lead to an x-ray that discovered a completely dislocated left hip. We were referred to Ortho and Aubrey was fitted with a Pavlik Harness that day. Her Ortho made no promises, being that my daughter was 5 months old and the Pavlik tends to have better results with younger babies.

To our Ortho’s surprise with 3 months in the Pavlik (full time), my daughter’s hip had made its way back into the socket and seemed to be remaining in place.
My daughter was then transitioned into a Rhino brace at night for what we thought would be 3 months. Unfortunately my daughters hip socket did not seem to be cooperating, as it was remaining in place but the socket did not seem to be deepening. Her 3 months in the Rhino turned into 6 months, and now her 6 months has turned into a wait and see.

Aubrey is now 15 months old and in her Rhino brace during naps and sleep. The plan at her last visit was to give it 3 more months and if no improvement we would be discussing surgery to deepen the socket. Her Ortho believes it would be in her best interest to surgically correct the hip socket to prevent future hip complications, should the Rhino and natural growth not correct it.

Aubrey is a happy little cutie pie. She stood, crawled, and started walking within normal timing for her age. The Rhino does not bother her at night and she is even starting to hand it to us/lift her legs up for us to put it on before “night night”. The transitions were certainly difficult but were always short lived. She cried for several long days after being fitted for her Pavlik, and had a hard few nights adjusting to the Rhino. Nothing a little time and TLC could not get her though. Hope this story can help someone in a similar situation.