Patient Stories

Naomi’s Story

My daughter Naomi was diagnosed with DDH at birth (she is almost 3 now). She had ALL 5 risk factors for DDH, she was a c-section baby because she was breech, she is my firstborn, female and there is a strong family history of DDH on my side. I was also born with DDH but I was not diagnosed until I was almost 2 years old. I had a funny walk that the babysitter noticed since she had hardwood floors and my parents had carpet. I had 2 surgeries (and wore Spicas for a few months) to correct my hip. I haven’t had too much trouble with my hip it only bothers me if I’ve been standing or walking too long and when it rains. I’ve grown quite used to the pain and its not unmanageable. I will require a total hip replacement when it becomes unmanageable but I’m hoping to put that off for at least another decade (I’m only 27!) I used to love when my mom told me stories about my surgeries and how I had even made friends with an inmate during my hospital stay. My surgeries were performed by Dr. S  and I am very lucky to have had him as my surgeon! I remember I had a nurse named Crazy Mary that had bright green eyes and wore a Santa Claus pen around her neck (even though it wasn’t Christmas).

It has taken me a long time to build up the courage to write our story since I’m not sure my daughter is out of the woods just yet. So normally I don’t even like to think about it. Next week we go for her “one year post-op check-up” and I am very nervous. Her hip has made clicky sounds on and off and I can’t help but worry that she will need another surgery. She had her last check up in April 2012 and everything looked perfect on the x-ray but she is 2 and she’s very active so I worry something may have changed between then and now.

Naomi’s surgery was performed by Dr. W in January 2012. She went home the next day and adapted very well to her Spica. She was even pulling herself up to standing within the first week. We had no problems with the cast and it wasn’t as bad to lift her as I thought it would be. She was very mobile the whole time which was a shock to me as I thought she wouldn’t be able to move. She proved me wrong!! She was in the cast for a total of 6 weeks. Looking back the time flew by but in reality, it was the longest 6 weeks of my life! Her cast came off the day after her 2nd birthday and she was walking again by the weekend (just in time for her birthday party!). Since then my husband and I don’t really talk about it…it was a very hard experience to go through as new parents and we just want to put it behind us but as there is no quick fix for DDH this probably isn’t the best coping method, but its just how we’ve dealt with it.

Through all this I’ve learned hip dysplasia is not the worse thing that can happen to someone BUT its also a very long and hard recovery for everyone involved. I have met some other wonderful parents out there whose children have had multiple surgeries that have required pins and traction and hip braces and my heart just aches for them. I have also learned that no matter how bad things may seem there is always someone else worse off than you and that has made me so thankful for what I DO have. I am so blessed to have my beautiful daughter who has taught me so much about life and she’s only 2 years old!

I do feel better for having shared our story and I wish all of you who are going through this experience the best of luck and speedy recoveries for your little ones!!