Patient Stories

Theo’s Story

Theodor (Theo) Was Born at 35 week’s, healthy 6lb 9oz, and is our second baby. He was Born via Emergency C/S as he was Breech and Premature

At our routine 6 week check they noticed Theo’s hips weren’t in his socket’s but weren’t too concerned.  We kept going back every month for a ultra sound check, Each time would be told to come back in a month  Skip to 6 month’s, They FINELY done a X-ray, My gosh did they get a shock!

Theo was booked in for a emergency surgery that Friday, To cut the tendons and be put in a cast for 6 months!
We cancelled and got a second opinion. So Glad we did as we went through a top professor.  He diagnosed Theo with “Bilateral Varus Derotation Osteotomies Hip’s & Hip Spica”. Basically 8 Pin’s and two plates put in for life… Theo would also be in a cast for 6 weeks.

Must note on top of this, Theo also has serve Reflux and Erakah had only just turned two! Also, we are 12 hours away from Family for help! As we are farmers.

As of this writing, Theo has 6 day’s left in his cast. It has be hard.  The cast is 47cm wide!

But I would love to hear from anyone that had this done and still have the plates in.

We love our wee Theo, for all he has been through, he is so brave, happy, and a delight to have!