Patient Stories


I stumbled upon this site and couldn’t hesitate to tell my story. When I was still in my Mom’s belly she noticed I felt different than her other 6 babies. I was breech. The Dr. let her stay in labor 2 days and both of us almost died. Mom didn’t get a C-Section. It was 1970 and she would need to be sent to a larger City for such. I weighed almost 9 pnds and Mom had already told Dad, she thought we were going to die. Not only was I breech the cord was wrapped around my neck.  The Dr. pulled my  legs to get me out and the Dr. had to breath for me, before I took breathes on my own.  I did not walk at the age my other brothers and sisters did.  I was sway back and any time we would go somewhere, I would beg someone to carry me.  I was always tired and at times I would lay in the floor at stores.  After Moms Dr. told her I was just spoiled from having so many brothers and sisters. Mom was fed up, because she knew something was wrong with her baby.  I was taken to a specialty hospital and my hips were out of socket.  At 4 years of age, The doctor of Jackson Tennessee gave my parents 2 choices.  Traction or a procedure which had not been done, but he took my X-Ray to England(Mom always joked my butt had been to England).  I had surgery on each hip.  Followed by a full cast and then a brace. Once those were done, I had to learn to walk again with crutches.  I went back for checkups yearly, until I was 13.  I have never had any problems with my hips. I always enjoyed walking and running. When I reached the age 50, everything changed. Terrible pain in left hip and no longer could handle the treadmill.  I had an MRI and the MRI showed severe arthritis and a torn labrum.  The specialist then tells me I will need 2 hip replacements at some time, but he doesn’t want to do this at 50. I’ve had two shots which I have to be put to sleep for, because it is crucial to get the shot in the correct spot without movement.  The first shot lasted 4 months and my 2nd shot hasn’t lasted as long. I had it last month 9-20-21.  I am so discouraged, but I am so blessed to have never shown problems till now.  My Dad wasn’t on board with having surgery.  Dad wanted to “take care” of me for the rest of my life. Mom pushed him to do the surgery.  Dad died of a massive heart attack when I was 24 and Mom always told him there was no guarantee he could take care of me. As I come to the end of my story, if any parent has a feeling something is not right with their child, go with your gut feeling. I pray all who have Hip Dysplasia get the help they deserve and I appreciate all who will pray for me as I step into my adult journey with my hips.

Linda Wall-Tennessee age 51 next month